Friday, 13 March 2015

Tea for two..

So, I'll be visiting with one of my oldest and dearest friends in Philadelphia next weekend.  We've known each other before we had children, through divorces and many miles and years between meetings since we first shared an office back in 1983.  I had promised to make her a tea cosy .... a promise I forgot until last night!

I quickly whipped this one up from a fat quarter I just bought...

and then thought I'd better ask her what colour she would like..... the answer... blue, white or yellow.  Hmmmm.  Rummage through the old fabric stash....
and what better choice than a bit of vintage Laura Ashley, saved from my old kitchen blind, for a friend who shared my excitement when Laura Ashley opened a store in Arden, PA in 1984.  Neither of us could afford to actually buy anything but we did enjoy browsing!

Happy nearly the weekend.

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