Friday, 14 October 2011

Rio de Janeiro in the Spring

I'm about to head off again for Malaysia and Australia so thought I'd better get a bit up to date!  I've only been home for 5 days and I've been non-stop all week.  Today I've been doing my bit for the war effort baking cakes and brownies for the Whistle Stop Cafe at Reed's for war weekend.

I'll miss it this year as I have to leave very early tomorrow but in true Brit fashion I'm doing my bit.  I nipped into Pickering today for supplies and the place was already teeming with soldiers and folk dressed up in their 1940s finery.

Last week I popped back to Rio for a week - as you do :)  It was a much quieter trip and I limited the number of Caipirinha I imbibed and also the amount of food I consumed as I really cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe in the next size up!  I have to tell you, I felt a little like a celebrity as I sat in the airport waiting for my flight home - two little girls, after casting surreptitious glances in my direction for some time they sidled over and gabbled away to me in Portuguese about the crochet I was doing... and then, someone else took my photo!  Clearly, crochet is mych celebrated in Brazil as shown by the wares on the street market on Copacabana beach

Maybe I should make myself one of these... certainly wouldn't miss me in a crowd!

I did treat myself to an original Panama hat though

I was very glad about my purchase as we strolled through the botanical gardens as it was baking hot, despite being mostly shady.  The orchid house was like a greenhouse despite being open sided

I took a bazillion photos but I won't bore you with them all but I would recommend the place for a visit.  Plenty to look at and a lovely atmosphere

Gorgeous palms and clear blue skies

I love the way the trees grow along the beach front - I guess they are searching for sun as they are mostly in the shade of the high rise buildings that line the beach

Another very familiar site in Rio

Graffiti on every available space - most of it very artistic if sometimes a bit gruesome at times when depicting the problems of the drug trade.

And of course, Christ the Redeemer is looking at you from wherever you are - there he is just a spec in the distance on the top of the mountain 

I took a long walk along the beach and around the back streets on the Sunday morning which was very colourful - chillies anyone?

Fruit and veg...

oh the sea.... so inviting

The place is so mountainous that land is at a premium but they make their gardens wherever they can

I loved this doorway which also quite typical of the older buildings

This is where all the rich and famous stay in Rio - I tried to find out how much a room is but there were no tariffs on the website.... Justin Bieber was there this weekend although I didn't see him - just hoards of young girls milling around wearing Justin t-shirts

All I managed to do in the way of crafting were a few granny squares for a Christmas blanket.  Now I have to decide what to take with me to do on the long, long flights I have over the next three weekends.... maybe some sewing this time as it'll be a bit hot for crochet.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.  


  1. What amazing fascinating pictures ,ive never been there but would love to one day,thankyou for the father and lady friend are going to the war weekend tomorow all dressed up im going to try and go with the children x

  2. Hi Jules,Fantastic pictures what a lovely place,you lucky thing!Good health and happiness to you too and look forward to seeing the next piccies from Oz & Malasyia :O)xxxjulie

  3. i think I am a little bit jelous of your travels. Have a super time and come home safe with lots of lovely pics....

  4. Hi Jules,hope all is well,think of you often,miss your craft and travel posts, lots of love juliexoxox


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