Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How sad am I?

Thank you all for the words of encouragement.  Just a little addendum:

Anne - I did go and buy some lovely wool (and a new vacuum) - have a couple of cushions to get on with now - should have one of the made by the end of the Rio trip.

Francine - I wish it was a break but it's another work trip. There are worse places to go in the world though and the weather should be warm.

Missy - I got a new Dyson - no Hetties or Henrys in my local electrical store and although I am having a little trouble with the tools I realise how badly my old one was behaving.  It didn't owe me anything after 10 years of very hard service.  I have lovely clean carpets now!

Bibbitybob (so sorry but I don't know your real name - must have a read through your old posts) - see above.  I already spent £50 replacing the clutch last year and I thought it might be better and safer to invest in a new one as the old one was pretty much held together with electrical tape.  It's a bit sad but it has given me enormous pleasure testing it out throughout the house.

I'd post a picture of my very perky looking carpet but there's a limit...

Hope you are enjoying some fab weather like we are here in North Yorkshire!

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  1. Laughing at the idea of a perky carpet, none like that here....


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