Friday, 10 December 2010

The big thaw..

... at last, some plus degree temperatures and a bit of a thaw.  I can put the bed socks away, thankfully, as I have some rather spectacular chilblains.  I haven't had chilblains since I was a young girl and we used to put our freezing cold tootsies on the huge heating pipes that ran round the bottom of the classroom at grammar school.  They are still as painful as they were back then!

I didn't go to Finland - daunted by the snow and the thought of the trip taking twice as long as normal so I stayed at home.  Quite literally as the roads round our way are not ploughed or gritted so it was a little treacherous to say the least.

By mid week I was a tad stir crazy and rather sick of trying to clear the snow and ice on the drive and having to take a barrel of brandy with me on the trip to the bird feeder lest I got lost in a snow drift!

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  This was early morning as I was putting the kettle on for my first cuppa of the day.  The bird feeder is way in the back covered in massive lumps of ice and snow.

My lovely alpina clematis has gone from this (admittedly much earlier in the year!)

to this: 

Looks like Jack Frost swept both of his hands over it many, many times!

The 'Summer House' was in danger of becoming an igloo.  I haven't dared go inside to check out the contents.  This was taken at the beginning of the week.

Snow, we are all a bit sick of it, pretty and spectacular as it is so I have turned my attentions inwards.  Needless to say I have been busy most evenings with festive makings, none of which can be revealed just yet but since my youngest shares my love of all things Christmassy we have put the tree up.  I have spent the afternoon decorating the house - lights and garlands and Christmas bunting galore!  I had planned to get a short, fat tree this year (much to Will's chagrin) but when I went to the local nursery to buy one there were none to be had.  Apparently, they were all so deep in snow that no-one wanted to dig them up so I ended up with a tall, fat tree instead (much to WIll's joy).

I always use popcorn and cranberry garlands on the tree rather than tinsel etc but the tree is so big that last year's makings were insufficient so this evening will be spent stringing the freshly popped corn and fresh cranberries.....

The tree is all white this year.  In fact, it's the theme for the whole room - to match the snow and Will declared it rather 'classy'.  I nearly fell off my seat!  Compliments are few and far between but gratefully received.  I'll try and take a night photo but my skills and camera are equally crappy.  I've put less on it this year as the tree is rather beautiful all on its own.

Wishing you all a warm, safe and happy weekend.  No doubt you'll all be beavering away as the big day seems to be approaching at great speed!



  1. That's a very pretty tree Jules, quite charming.

    And, I love the summer and winter clematis pics. Jack Frost did some very impressive work there!

    Glad you didn't venture over to Finland, the trip to the airport would have be fraught at the very least. Hope it hasn't caused too many problems at work for you.

    Keep those toes warm!


  2. Hi Jules, what a great idea to string popcorn and cranberries together - I hadn`t heard of that before and may just give it a bash at the weekend. Have a good one. x

  3. Your tree looks beautiful Jules, we have popcorn garlands when we do our tree, but little people do like to have a nibble !

  4. Lovely garlands and they look fabulous on your tree I can imagine if we had them on ours the dogs would be trying to eat them they are already trying to open the wrapped up chocolates that are under it .
    And I love the photo of the icicles on your clematis .
    have a great weekend
    xx fee


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