Sunday, 28 November 2010

Homestead loveliness

Every year Heidi hosts a Christmas shopping event in her gorgeous home so Anne and I went along, taking a few choice items for sale and in the vain hope that there would be some determined shoppers prepared to brave the snow and arctic temperatures.

Cliff was none too happy about sharing his couch with our goodies - we had to relent and move the books - an old boy needs and deservers his own space.

Some of Linda Nicholson's fab fabric pictures (yep, just had to have one...)

Some of Heidi's lovely offerings (yep, had to have some of them too)

Charlie makes himself comfy above the radiator, having given up looking out for customers 

Some of Rosella's amazing crochet - such an expert, makes me feel like a complete amateur (and yes, had to have a little shop here too)

Unfortunately, Anne wasn't feeling too well and we had already been warned that the weather was deteriorating so we headed home mid afternoon (fortunately for my bank balance!!)

Heading through an icy tree tunnel

Blurry shot from the car window as we neared home

A heavily laden sky about to unload just as we got home.

I also bought some of Jilly's all butter shortbread - I'd like to take it to Finland with me tomorrow but Will's face nearly fell a mile when I mentioned that idea so it's staying here.  Might have to make a cup of tea and have a piece before it all goes!

It's a shame the weather kept the shoppers away but it's always nice to be at Heidi's - it's so welcoming and she has great taste - and in her friends too, lots of talented and like-minded ladies, always a pleasure to be in their company.

As I said, Finland beckons for me tomorrow (secretly praying for enough snow to close the airport but so far there's nothing over that way!)  It's very snowy and cold there but at least it won't be too much of a shock to me. 

Good luck to all intrepid travellers.  Have a great week.

Note for Lynne, Lynda and Fee (thanks so much for your comments)
Heidi's home is delightful and lends itself perfectly to a certain kind of homespun magic.  Linda's picture of hearts is made from vintage American feedsack material which Heidi bought back from the US for her.  Check out her designs via the link.  Heidi will soon be opening a new website under her own name - Heidi Jackson - I'll let you know when she is up and running.


  1. Oooh I want Heidi's house - there is one picture in your post where there's a tree in the background and, to its right, there is what looks like a picture with coloured hearts on a white background - looks wonderful - it really caught my eye. Surely Finland can't be colder than here right now - we had temperatures of minus 13 last night here in Derbyshire :-(

  2. Oooh, I want it all! I wish I could have come too. What a lovely idea. xx

  3. oh what a lot of gorgeous things it all looks wonderful in Heidis home

  4. Oh my - this is fabulous! So many wonderful goodies to purchase - how did you ever choose! What a beautiful home - I simply adored seeing these photos.

    And - oh my - the photos of the snow - so beautiful and yet I dread it so~~
    You have a safe trip - I am sorry that you dread your travels - sometimes you just want to stay home don't you!

    This was a wonderful post!


  5. what a truly beautiful house and so many gorgeous items to buy, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures - theyve put a great big smile on my face.
    Take care - ju

  6. Hi, your Christmas open house looked fab, and so so many temptations,If i lived closer I would have loved to have come and had a good root in your treasures , i am sure i would have found 1 or 2 or 3 thinngs i coudnt live with out! Glad iam not the only one not riveted by Kirsty and Phils Christmas program, but at least its ok half asleep watching! so tired from working six long days a week at the moment that i am usually nodding by nine ... zzz back soon .. keep warm,Linda x x

  7. OOO I am new to blogging and clicked on one of my own interests ie knitting and you were the first on the list. Lovely photos! Glad to see someone as interested in Christmas decs as me - if it aint silver or purple ( the exactly right shade it aint getting on MY tree) and er that's it :)going to work out how to follow you now - if that's ok :)


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