Tuesday, 21 December 2010


This must surely be THE week for LISTS.  I seem to write at least 2 lists every day - the first, things I must remember to do that day, the second, the things on the first list that I forgot. I have nicely written lists - usually these are the ones for presents and food as I have my brain in gear, thinking very, very hard about all that must be done. I have hastily scribbled lists - these are the ones I write sitting in cafes drinking Earl Grey tea with my sister or Mum, gazing at said list and then remembering something I have forgotten.  I have scrumpled lists sitting in the bottom of just about every bag I own - discarded and destined for the bin when I get a moment to embark on the 'mucking out the bottom of the bag' chore.  Must add that to the list of things to do.

Today's list involves: going to the tip with a mega load of household rubbish (since youngest son forgot to put the bin out when I was away and it will not be emptied now until the second week in January - it wasn't on The List!!) and a million cardboard wrapping paper tubes as the wrapping is almost complete; posting off the last of the presents, finished last night at the Christmas 'Girls Sisterhood' (no photos taken I'm afraid but much gloggi imbibed and sweets consumed; nipping to the chemist to pick up youngest son's prescription before he heads south to his father's for Christmas; there's more but I can't find my list to consult!

Anne and I went to York yesterday for a day pounding the pavements in search of those last few elusive pressies.  It was sooooo, soooo arctic-ly cold we had to take refuge in Betty's for a cuppa.  We were amused to find ourselves seated next to four Geordie men.  I was tempted to ask them if they were lost as usually the only males of the species to be found in Betty's are those that are: gay/dragged along by their wives/girlfriends/mothers or small boys who have no say in the matter. It was fascinating to eavesdrop on their - I'd like to say conversation but really it was more banter than conversation and even more interesting to see them tucking in with gusto to a full English breakfast followed by tea and cake - not a hint of guilt or stress in sight.  No checking the watch to assess the parking status, no consulting of lists.  Basically, they were doing nothing more than having a good bit of food and a chat.  Must put that on my list for 2011.

Well, I'll leave you with a few photos of the things I bought in Finland and some of the things I wish I could afford to buy from my favourite shop there, Pentik.  It's very modern for my normal taste but the shop is so inviting I always manage to find something I don't need to spend my money on.

These reindeer have been collected over the years and have also been presents for my sister in Christmases past but my budget doesn't run to the larger members of the collection.

I am drawn to the fresh simplicity of their displays and the red and white is just so crisp and uplifting.

A little inspiration for the Christmas table.

Love, love, Love reindeer and hearts!

Pretty!  These are now on the tree.
The 2010 Christmas Moomin mug by IItaala

Arguably THE best chocolates EVER - a gift from the consultant I've been working with for the past few years.
Actually, I'll leave you with a little taste of reality in the hope that it might make all of you feel a little better.  A lot of havoc and destruction is wrought in the pursuit of festive joy :)

I am too embarrassed to show you the kitchen table - have taken to wrapping on the ironing board as the only 
clear-ish surface is the floor and that's too far down for these creaky old bones!

Time to get on with that list....

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  1. Yes - that definately made me feel better - although I think I have you beat!

    I thought I was the queen of lists~~

    Your reindeer are beautiful and your Christms decorations are so lovely. Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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