Sunday, 6 March 2011

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now ...'s just a Spring clean for the May Queen.  The sun shone, the wind didn't blow and Spring seems just around the corner!  I have spent most of the day in the garden shifting a tonne of soil from the drive to the raised veg beds.  It's been sitting there since I moved the old compost heap and dug the pond!  No more Gypsy encampment here (apologies, no offence to Gypsies).  I can now hold my head up amongst my neighbours (who are all seriously ancient and have obsessively tidy gardens - we are the bad neighbours in the hood!)  Well, I would hold my head up high but I think I have done serious damage to my back.  When will I ever learn? A nice deep bubble bath has helped but I think I'm going to have trouble getting up tomorrow.

I'm afraid I've no photos to show you this post.  My week in Finland was a blur of meetings, no time for sight seeing but I did buy a couple of balls of wool.  I'm having my knee knobs operated on this week so will be putting my feet up for the rest of the week - need to have plenty of projects ready for the making.  Trouble is I've got so many ideas buzzing around I can't seem to settle to anything at the moment.  I've been spending too much time surfing all the fabulous blogs out there getting more and more inspiration.

Still haven't won the lottery so work will continue to get in the way but you never know what's round the corner, hey?

Hope you've all benefited from a drop of sunshine this weekend.
Can't wait until the garden is full of these



  1. Hi. Well done with all your gardening endevours - I cleaned and moved the rabbit run and swept the tiny yard and cleared some old leaves does that count? Oh and my son planted some little garlic plants in a tub -no veg plot here I'm afraid, much as I would like!! Hope the knee work goes well, what on earth have you been doing to yourself? Ok it was all about meetings but I envy you your week abroad and Finland no less. I have a pen pal in Norway that I have corresponded with since I was a wee lass of 13 - haven't been over there though!! Love the photo, hellebores are one of my favourites also auriculas, roses, fruit bushes, apple tress, sweet peas, marjoram, thyme - oh heck, why don't I just say I love 'em all!

    Take care. A.

  2. Just found you!
    A Led Zeppelin fan eh?????


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