Saturday, 12 March 2011

Post op creations - part 1

I'm getting a little insight into what my life will be like when I am retired - at the age of about 99 at this rate - life is slow, things are taking a lot longer than usual and my mental faculties are not that sharp.  I blame the codeine but maybe it is just me these days!

Daytime tv holds no appeal but it has been on 'for company' and I have managed a couple of little creations so far.

I had a lot of grey cotton that I didn't know what to do with so made up this little cushion, lined it with some lovely raw silk I picked up at a car boot sale last year and finished it off with some mother of pearl buttons.  Anne declared it 'very boudoir-ish' - I think it was a compliment :)

In the spirit of 'using things up' I made this little crochet bag from some leftover pink cotton.

It's sweet but totally not worth the time taken to make it.

Lastly, whilst watching disc 2 of Downton Abbey I made up this little crochet bowl, being inspired by the little amigurumi owls I made for Michael (which he loves, loves, loves and wants to learn to make himself - woohoo).

It's sitting in the washing machine now waiting for some company to be felted.  My knees are looking similar in colour in fact. I might have to dig out some of my other pure wool odds and ends and make another one whilst watching disc 3.

It's a grey day here, feels like a Sunday but so has every day this week.  I do have lots of lovely flowers to cheer me up though - daffs, tulips, roses and lillies - lucky girl, am I.

Wishing you all a crafty weekend.



  1. Hope you are enjoying your rest and creative the boudoir cushion x

  2. Jules...where are you???? Are you okay my dear? Mr Darcy and I are missing you badly! Love Amanda xxx

  3. Was just wondering if you were buried under a pile of crochet since it`s been a while!!Hope you`re ok. (Don`t listen to that Amanda - it`s my week with Mr Darcy - she`s delusional!)xxx

  4. Hi Jules I havent been able to link to your blog for a little while,I just wondered how you are doing post op? best wishesxxxxx


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