Saturday, 28 July 2012

To Paint :)

Thank you ladies, advice taken, to paint was definitely the right decision.

It's still not big enough to hold the complete shirt stash but it did give me great pleasure to place them all in the basket.  Sad?  Probably.

Now I need a little lie down, burning the midnight oil whilst watching the Olympic opening ceremony is not good for me.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

p.s. When one replies to comments on blogger do the postees see the replies or do they have to come back to this page to see them?  See how long I've been gone from Blogland?!


  1. The basket looks fabulous, especially with the stash safely stored inside!

    Im also feeling the effects of sitting up to watch the olympic ceremony, but well worth it - wasnt it spectacular?


  2. It looks great. And the stash looks great sitting in it too! I fell asleep for most of the opening ceremony and have yet to watch all the good bits on iplayer!

  3. It works really well. thanks so much for your comment - very wise words indeed. As for blogger, I've no idea. I still have to discover how to make it so I can reply to comments! Haven't even worked that out yet.

    1. :) let's see if you get this - the wonders of Blogger - and I have no idea how this came to be on my blog - it just appeared - like magic! Chin up chicken xx

  4. Glad to see you back!! Love the little basket, looks great painted!


Thanks - I love to read your comments x