Friday, 3 August 2012

Sorting and folding ...

... will it ever end?  I feel like I have been 'sorting' my house for years and never getting anywhere.  The whole house is in upheaval at the moment as I'm rearranging the kitchen to accommodate a new built in oven (yippeee) so of course, the dining room is a mess too.  The only rooms in the house that are OK are the bathroom and my bedroom - guess I'll just have to enjoy long baths and early bedtimes!

However, I am making progress in the 'craft room' (ignore the fact that all the potential car boot stuff is in the other two bedrooms) I spent a happy hour or so sitting on the floor sorting and folding.  I have a deadline as my youngest will be back soon for a few weeks and I think he'd really like to sleep in his bed!

Hmm, next the pile in the middle of the floor...

I will get there... soon

I only do this to make my big sis feel better.  She too is continually sorting and de-cluttering so I let her come round for a gloat at all my mess and make her feel better - afterall, what are sisters for?

The sun is shining here - go team GB!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your comments and hanging in there with me!

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  1. I started a big craft room clear out yesterday then got sidetracked on the Wade Whimsy site trying to find out how much my little collection was worth. Yours is looking a lot further on than mine - but it's so hard to get rid of anything!

    Good luck


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