Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's raining, it's pouring....

but no snoring in bed for me.  Anne (sister) and I nipped down to the car boot sale this morning, fortunately just before the rain started.  It was rather disappointing but I picked up a few books for my favourite little friend in Finland to take with me next week.  Other than that it was just a Bill Blass silk scarf (a small donation for charity) which I think will make a nice bag lining, another little glass bowl for my trinkets (a mere 50pence) and yet more plants! The lawn is shrinking to make room for them all but that just means less mowing for me and more nectar for the birds and bees - seems quite reasonable to me.


The plates in the background were not quite such a bargain from a lady selling all sorts of lovely old bits and bobs but I just liked them so they came home with me

along with a few more pieces of Liberty lawn, some of which I have already used today but I can't show you just yet 
- all will be revealed soon

The past couple of days have been gloriously hot so between gardening and shopping I spent a little time with my feet up next to the pond watching the new wildlife that's taking up residence - water snails courtesy of my sister, wiggly little things - no idea what they will end up being when they grow up, the birds stopping to take a little drink and Mr Waterboatman skating across the surface at great speed.  I took the opportunity to try some new patterns samples from the Crochet Stitch Bible

Some Little Fans

Some Thistle stitch 

and some Arcade stitch

Crochet certainly focusses the mind - all that counting!

Rain = no gardening so feeling slightly guilty about the ironing mountain in the kitchen I got that out of the way and started to think about what to do with myself....

Ribbon, lace, silk, beads.....  lovely-ness mess ....

or maybe start a new project with these vibrant babies I picked up yesterday ....

Did I mention that I also added to my stash a little more on the York trip?  

Well, I did use up lots of bits for the cushion :)

so while the rain falls and I contemplate which project to start/finish first I'll leave you with a little drop of cheeriness and look forward to showing you what else I manage to squeeze into my week off work. 

And thank you for the lovely comments on the previous posts - I really appreciate them.

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  1. What gorgeous coloured yarns Jules and lovely crochet too. I am going to learn to crochet this week (will have to now I have said it !), i have found loads of websites but think I need a book that I can have on my knee as I go, any reccommendations ? :D


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