Saturday, 12 June 2010

A lovely day with Janet Bolton

It's been quite a week with one thing and another.  I'd almost forgotten about booking the Janet Bolton workshop through my sister and her vert talented friend Heidi until Anne reminded me.  I scurried around this morning gathering up bits of fabric, completely unprepared or focussed on the day ahead.  Janet just blew me away - such a natural talent and a lovely lady to boot.  We spent a lovely day (much more stressful than you can imagine being in the presence of someone so gifted and feeling under pressure to produce something of worth), lots of interesting stories and banter interspersed with delicious refreshments from Jilly all in the rather idyllic setting of Heidi's home and shop.  I probably gained a few pounds between the shortbread, scones, lemon cake and parkin and lost a bit of artistic confidence but I shall return to my picture when I come back from Finland.

A little taster of how our day panned out:

Janet tells us how she got started and tries to inspire us to let our artistic blood flow

Lunchtime already?

Heidi's (on the left in white) home is lovely and she also does B&B so if you fancy a little rural retreat book now before she heads back Stateside!

Janet doing her thing......  'I'll just show you how to needle press a hen as they're the easiest'... yeah, right!

I may be smiling but I was not happy with my hen, I can tell you!  I'm too embarrassed to show it just yet (if ever).

Anne was a natural and her hen picture promises to be rather lovely (sometimes are harder than others to love your older sis!)

Unfortunately, my other life is interfering rather and I have to bid adieu to my creative life for a while.  I just hope my big presentation turns out better than my hen!!

Have a great week.  I look forward to seeing what you have all been up to when I get back.

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  1. What a lovely way to spend a day ! I have just posted about my gift from you, I really love it xx


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