Friday, 25 June 2010

The Lazy Blogger

It's been a while but boy the time has flown!  I may have been a lazy blogger but not so lazy in the real world.  Time has whizzed by - my eldest came home with his girlfriend whilst I was away in Finland.  He gave her a whirlwind tour of the area and when I returned we went out for a meal on the Friday evening - the last thing I needed having had a week of eating out (will really have to make a kaftan and try and make them come back into fashion as I fear nothing much else will fit me soon!)  Saturday was spent shopping, cooking and cleaning but it was lovely to have the house full of youth again - pre birthday night out BBQ before heading off to Leeds for a big night (them, not me).  I finished off another granny stripe cushion with my feet up!

It's pastel on one side with a mixture of yarns - merino, alpaca, acrylic mix, cashmerino, cotton, silk and bamboo - a lovely mix of textures and colours - reminds me of Love Heart candies....

and brighter on the other side - I can pick the side to suit my mood...

By Sunday evening I was pretty much comatose on the sofa without the energy to haul my body off to bed!

I had one small window of free time for a whirlwind trip through Stockmann in Tampere and look what I found...

It's a small old world - my big sis stocks the Pip Studio line yet there was a big display in Stockmann and on my last trip to York instead of finding lots of lovely English china my favourite homewares shop was stocked full of Finnish china and glass - Ittala and Marimekko!    What's going on?

A 'Summer' evening aboard a boat on a lake in Tampere... (followed up with a monumental amount of mosquito bites!!!)

After much ridicule from my eldest about all my homemade 'stuff' I was very happy to be reconciled with my yarn and hooks having suffered serious withdrawal symptoms after 7 full days without even looking at anything crafty.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of follow up work after my week away combined with a rather major garden project in progress so crochet time has been severely restricted.  I'm STILL waiting for my Lucy's Collection of yarn from First4Yarns (getting pretty fed up of waiting now) so if time and other stuff allows I may have to get the sewing machine out at the weekend and convert some of the fabric recycling pile into something practical and lovely.

So little time.....

Note to self: buy lottery tickets - have to have hope that one day I might have enough time and money to do all the things I'd like to do ......


  1. The cushions are gorgeous Julia. I crocheted my first granny square this week ! I am a lazy poster as your parcel is sat on the kitchen dresser will get it off tomorrow :)

  2. I don't really think 'lazy' comes into it - we just have busy, busy lives. Can't wait to see your first granny square on the blog :)

  3. I love the cushion!
    Hope you get some quiet time - a good balance is what we all need, that, and a kaftan!



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