Saturday, 14 August 2010

And sew it was ...

phew! Where did Friday go?  I decided against staying in my pjs all day - knowing my luck someone would call round to see me!  I headed to the sewing room but had to have a bit of a tidy up first, then I got distracted making hexagon templates for another project that is rattling around in my head.  Then I had a chat with Will and couldn't tear myself away from Miami Ink which he was watching.  I'm not really into tattoos but the amazing art work involved along with some of the stories that inspire people to get tattoos are really touching.  Anyhooooo, before I knew it half the morning was gone so I sprang into action (well, not exactly sprang but...)

Want to see what I got up to on that horrible, rainy, windswept day?

Well, the cushion stash went from this....

to this.....

I couldn't decide between Greengate or Cath for my rocking chair cushion so..... I used both!  Reversable, piped, zippered and square!

photo's a bit blurry - think I had sewing fatigue at the time of taking it.

These are for Michael's new place as he is rather owl obsessed and since I didn't have much of the fabric I used some tea towels as backings.

Very thrifty and rather effective, even if I do say so myself.

I also had a go at a union jack cushion from Lily's Quilts template - I found it quite tricky to follow hence it didn't turn out quite like hers but I will have another go and see if I can improve!  It looks quite nice from a distance ...

It was no mean feat I can tell you as I had a tea-shop related incident on Thursday - in short I got a splinter the size of a toothpick down my thumbnail from one of the old chairs in our local cake haunt.  Scant sympathy was forthcoming from my sister and mother but it put me right off cake I can tell you and yesterday it felt as though I'd had a telegraph pole under my nail, never mind a toothpick!  I'm pleased to report it has stopped throbbing now and has not impeded my crochet nor my sewing  - much.  Maybe I can blame the wonky stitching on my injury!

Talking of cake... I got the urge to bake .....

The red velvet cup cakes disappeared before I could even take a photograph and the Victoria sponge was last seen being escorted into the summer house (or perhaps it would be more aptly named the Ark) by Michael and his friends.  I hope there's still some left!

I'm on a mission to find some fabric for the last remaining large cushion pad for Will's room and then I'll be able to buy more cushion pads guilt free!  Hang on, there's someone at the door - probably the men in white coats coming to cart me off to the loony bin for cushion fetishists (reckon I'll be in good company and definitely see my sister, the queen of cushions, there!)

In the foreground is a glimpse of a £1 car boot refurbishment project I'm on with - one of many ...

Yes, we all know it's an illness but it's relatively harmless, isn't it?

Have a great weekend all x


  1. Hi Jules, you were very productive!! Your cushions are fab and I love the Union Jake cushion - I wouldn't have a hope of being able to make something as lovely as that.

    You have my simpathy on the nail front. Years and years ago when I worked in Cheshire I did the very same thing but it was a piece of my desk that slipped between the thumb nail and thumb bed. The pain was incredible. In the end I had it removed at hospital but not before the nurse in the local surgery had attempted to remove it with the BIGGEST AND MOST TERRIFYING pair of tweezers, no idea how she thought they fit under my nail! *shudder*

    Glad your injury didn't stop your creativity tho :-)


  2. I LOVE the cushions Jules. Really gorgeous. I must get some Greengate fabric myself. A lovely day's work! Lynda xx

  3. Wow! You've been busy!...or manic!lol What a lovely array of cushions - I love your chair too. I was wondering if I might ask if your mum could tell me where to get the pattern for her gorgeous cushions?

  4. The cushions look great Jules and the tale of your tooth pick related injury has made me laugh out loud :)

  5. Hello there, nice to meet you. Found your lovely blog whilst browsing. Loved reading it and lurve your hideaway. Hopefully next year will be treating myself to same. Somewhere for me to completely nestify and C Kidston. All cosy and comfy....anyway lovely reading and will be back.

  6. I am sitting here with my laptop laughing my head off when you wrote "I find it quite difficult to follow" - things are so clear in my head but I find it very difficult to put them down on paper - I'd be a terrible teacher! But your cushion looks so pretty - I actually think florals are the best fabrics for union jacks. Can I ask you a favour - if there are areas where you think I could word it better or make it clearer, would you let me know?! And if you try it again and anything is not quite clear, please email me - lynne.goldsworthy@ - and I'll be happy to try to clarify. Lynne X

  7. You made all of those pillows - fabulous! They are beautiful - and that cake - oh my!!!



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