Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pimp my Hide (away)....

Contrary to popular myth (and rather amusing comments by big sis) neither my home nor my 'Wendy' house are completely crocheted - yet!  I have made a few updates to my hideway though - can't call it a Summer House anymore as it's done nothing but rain since I got it and it seems that Autumn is knocking rather loudly on the door.

The Hide-Away has been cosied up with some lovely voile drapes that I bought back from my stint in the USA (a pair of Shabby Chic curtains from Target which I cut down to make two sets), the window frames have been painted duck egg blue and there are lots more 'things' as my Mother likes to call them (she being a minimalist is constantly amazed at mine and my sister's fondness for 'stuff')

There's a green man to ward off any evil spirits (from the fab Green Man Gallery in Pickering) and in the background a lovely wire heart hanging tea light which Anne bought me on our last trip to Helmsley - where we will be heading again soon as she is lusting over a beautiful scarf we saw in a very lovely little shop there (the name of which escapes me now and seems to be happening more and more often!)

Some more very apt signs 

A new chair and cushion from Ikea 

modelled here by Anne at our last sisterhood evening

Mum gave me another of her fabulous creations which sits rather nicely on my refurbished sale room rocking chair

Here she is (right) completing the gusset for another one - this time for her own home whilst listening to Jan trying to work out where she is on the pattern for this scarf (on the go since forever!)  Adele (exit stage left) was looking rather bemused too!

So, the patio is laid (after much sweating and cursing as the rain lashed down soaking me right through to my underwear) - it's not quite finished as I need a few more slabs to fill in the gaps and also have to re-lay the brick wall - but that's a job for another day.  The inside is just waiting for electrics and the ceiling being painted.  Will (my youngest) hasn't spent any time in it - 'it's very girlie in here, isn't it Mum?' (my plan is working), Michael (my middle son) just cast his eye around and chuckled - as he does much of the time, especially when I am sitting on the sofa surrounded by wool and books.  Ben (my eldest) is a man of few words and hasn't seen it in it's current state but his last comment was 'very nice, Mum' (pursed lips, raised eyebrow, thinking she's off her rocker).

A quick update on the young sisterhood progress.  A much more sedate affair compared to the 'mature' sisterhood gatherings - probably because there's gallons of tea instead of gallons of wine!

Harriet's blanket is coming on nicely although she has also started her first patchwork quilt so the crochet may suffer - let's see...

Rachel's pile of granny squares is growing too - my full admiration goes out to her as she struggled on with her red squeaky wool, not to be defeated.

as is the pile of empty Diam bar wrappers (another Ikea purchase - damn that place!)

oh yes, there was cake - there's ALWAYS cake - this time Red Velvet cup cakes a la Hummingbird recipe.

Well, I had promised myself a day at the sewing machine but the sun is shining - finally - so I am a bit torn. 
 First things first though - time to get out of these pjs!

oh, and before I forget - note to Amanda, no, I am not an air stewardess - I just get to spend quite a bit of time on planes!


  1. I love your Hide away! Actually I'm green with envy! Bright green! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Wow it looks soooo cosy! Well done. Your crochet influence is paying off and they look very happy with their creations. I too love ikea but thankful in a way that its 10miles away! Have a lovely sunny day
    Deb x

  3. Your hideawy look totally fabulous Jules, and I was pleased to spot the 'Love' cushion. I have a small greenman plaque that we got from Pickering a few years ago after a day out on the train...

  4. I love it! I'm so jealous! My friend has got a hideaway similar. Her husband calls it the 'harmony hut' :-). I'd love one. Maybe when I win the Lotto! I love the cushion on the rocking chair. Must have a look for a pattern. Lynda xx

  5. Hello! I have shed envy, Ho how i would love a male free space all of my own, ! you have made it so pretty and inviting, its a good job You dont live closer because you would have me gatecrashing your girls gathering crafting evening!!I would love to learn to crochet and even with my lack of wool skills I am sure you could get me hooking, want to make pretty crochet flower brooches..... best wishes,Linda x

  6. What a beautiful shed, you lucky girl! I am a friend of Amanda at Amanda Makes and she told me to visit you!


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