Saturday, 28 August 2010

Memory Lane...

It's been quite a week - in fact, couple of weeks since I last posted but I've been time travelling and it's both exhilarating and tiring!  After my week in Finland I was straight down to London for a reunion - my first ever organised reunion - with some of the lucky winners of an essay competition Barclay's Bank launched back in 1980.  I had no idea what to expect and have only really been in touch with one of my fellow travellers - and that has been rather sporadic.  As usual I arrived in a bit of a fluster - traffic going down was pretty grim so I had no time to ponder what to wear or really how I looked.  I was just hoping against hope that everyone else was in the same boat!  One given was that we had all aged in 30 years - although one lovely man was kind enough to ask me if I kept a portrait in my attic (must have done an OK job covering up the grey hairs afterall!)  We had a lovely meal on the 31st floor of Clifford Tower on Canary Wharf - brilliant views over London and plenty of wine flowing.  It's amazing how shared experiences can bind you together despite the passage of time and all the stuff that life throws at you.  We drank, reminisced, laughed and bonded all over again late into the night - in fact, shock, horror - didn't even go to bed!  I felt 18 again (until the wine wore off, that is).


2010 ... not the full compliment but not a bad showing...

The lovely Annisa (far left) organised the reunion.  She was nicknamed Klaxon on the trip due to the strident tones of her Sheffield accent - a bit of a shock to many of the public school boys and girls who were with us.  She has since been renamed by Peter Bradshaw as Queen of  our Hearts which is much more fitting.

And what better way to stave off a hangover than to top up with champagne in a fancy bar on Canary Wharf?

This isn't my man unfortunately but he took care of Annisa and I like a true gentleman.  Don't think I look too bad for an old gal on two hours sleep and what must have been red wine running through my veins by this point!

The bright lights and life of the big city can turn a girl's head but when I saw my bag of wool squashed in the corner of the car boot, neglected all weekend I felt a little guilty and am rekindling my romance with my crochet.  It's not quite as exciting but it keeps me out of mischief.

I took a couple of days off to recover, having visited an old school friend on the way back up North - haven't seen her for 30 years either so it was as real blast from the past weekend.  Rounded the mini break off with lunch at Castle Howard with another lovely friend - am feeling very blessed in the friends department at the moment.  Here she is with the type of guy I usually meet :)

Am thinking one of these fine gentlemen might look nice in the garden ...

Although the weather seems decidedly Autumnal so perhaps I should brave the chill wind and the drizzle and get out to do some tidying up.  

Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing weekend.


  1. hi there! i never was here before, but now im glad to found you! i just want to say i love your pillows! they absolute beautyfull. best wishes ;0)

  2. Busy girl!!

    Looking good in the pic have to say, at that high living must suit you :-)

    Glad you had a fab time catching up...don't worry about the crocheting, it will wait for you!!!

    Valula :-)

  3. Lovely pics! You do, indeed look very good for only having a few hours sleep. I love those green men! xx


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