Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sew-along-a-laptop .....

I take it all back - sorry Lynne, the instructions are very easy to follow when you have the visual in front of you (and yes, read the instructions properly!)

Version two of the union jack from Lily's Quilts tutorial 

Although I still went a little 'off road' with this one as I wanted to use some of the lovely - but very expensive Tilda ribbon I had but once I realised I was supposed to sew directly onto the paper template it all became clear!  Derrr!  I've no cushion pad for this - oh dear, will have to go cushion shopping but first I have to do the day job so I'm off to Finland for the week.  Damn the real world - just when I was on a roll with the sewing machine I have to go and earn some money to fund my 'habit'.

Big sis, Mum and I have spent a lovely Sunday afternoon cutting, sewing, laughing, creating, eating cake - good job we aren't working on piece work rate - we'd be in the poor house but the creative juices are flowing and the results will be coming to a website (made-and-found) near you soon.

Nana Go-go - I asked My Mum about the cushion pattern - she said it was in the Woman's Weekly forever ago so I'm not sure if you can still source it or not but it was called Sit-In and is a star design (that's all she's willing to give away) x

Well, better go and pack.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi Jules
    Wow how impressive, I love ALL your cushions. What a lovely way to end your YOU time, shame you have to back. Will email you soon to catch up...can you still get access whilst away??
    Anyway love & hugs
    Deb x

  2. It always sounds like you, your sis and mum have such lovely times together :)

  3. Just found a link to your blog via "happy yarns" I love what you've done to your hideaway and your cushions are gorgeous. I am thinking about how to decorate FBHQ (florrie bunting HQ) a summerhouse OH has just finished building and your hideaway is just the sort of style I love.
    florrie x

  4. Hey!!! Just popped back in again and this looks fab- although I thought the first one did too. The phrase "once I realised I was supposed to sew directly onto the paper template it all became clear" did have me in stitches. X


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