Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Blimey O'Reilly....

... it's cold!  It's only mid November and we've had sleet, gales, fog, freezing fog and nitheringly cold nights and days - the cold soaking right into the bones.  Good job I've plenty of lovely blankets and cushions to snuggle up under/against.  At least my son's girlfriend appreciates my efforts:

I've been quite busy in the evenings with my wool stash but can't show anything until nearer THE TIME.  Went for a little bimble around Helmsley on Sunday with sister, Anne and bought a spiced plum candle - every time I light it Will goes 'mmmmm, smells like Christmas'.  I'm so thrilled that my boys love all things Christmassy as much as me.  We decided to have a Sunday off from the crafting although I did make us an apron each from all the throw and bunting scraps.  What do you think?  I feel festive just looking at it.

Anne just wants to know if Santa's going to bring her a waist for Christmas.  Me, I suspect that my waist is gone for good so I am dressing accordingly (am soooo loving the leggings/woolly tights and boots look at the moment.  Long may it last, although I think the elasticated waists (both mine and the leggings) may be responsible for an ever increasing waistline).  I dread the day I have to put my jeans back on!!

Thanks to Kirsty I now want to make a Kiss cross stitch cushion
 (although Anne and I both agreed that it seemed more like tapestry than cross stitch) - where am I going to find time to fit that in?

Hope you are keeping warm and well.



  1. I think Mr Tapestry just met Miss Cross stitch and you now have Mr & Mrs Cross-stitch Tapestry.God I hate double barrel surnames!!I don't understand. Anne x

  2. I love that blankie and your round cushions - especially the colours - which yarn did you use? I love your Festive Apron too - clever you.x

  3. Loving your snuggley blankets, and for me the smell of cinnamon is pure Christmas, i light i candle when i feel cold and the smell warms me, humour me please?!! I loved Kirstys tapestry cushions, also loved Kirstys tweed jacket,i saw the same one in Jigsaw and lusted after it ,made from organic tweed and costing £425, so not in my price bracket but obviosley in Kirstys!! Goog old Yorkshire weather ,we have had snow over here, have you had any?/ bestest wishes,Linda

  4. Just found your blog and I love it - your crochet is to die for - loving the apron as well XX


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