Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A making frenzy and indecision...

It's getting closer and the days are not getting any longer.  I'm in a tizzy of indecision and projects.  

There's the granny square blanket I'm making from all the odd bits and pieces of yarn I have. It's coming along nicely and rather addictive as I try out new colour combinations.  (Not another blanket, Mum, my youngest cries - and looking around the lounge he may have a point so I have put a couple away for now).

The knitted/crochet blanket I'm making for son number 1 (he doesn't want one but I'm making him  one anyway to see if I can convert him to the wonders of homespun!)  It should also be interesting to see his 'thanks, I love it' fake face when he opens it at Christmas :)  This one is a mixture of knitting and crochet - only another 24 squares to go.  On reflection, this may have to be a Christmas present for next year.

There's the blanket I'm making for son number 2 (he does want one - he loved his Baktus scarf I made for him to wear when he goes to NYC soon) and I found some lovely wool/acrylic/alpaca mix yarn that is soooo soft and chunky.  It's called Peru by Katia and is very reasonably priced which is good news for a blanket project as I am knitting this on size 6mm needles and one square has taken one ball.

There are the crochet stars I'm making from Yvonne's Yvestown blog post.  I've used thin crochet cotton and a 1.5 hook and 4ply white Patons cotton with a 2.0 hook - not a project for nighttime as I  go practically cross-eyed!

And the Copenhagen pillow, also from Yvestown.  This one will have to be a gift - my sons and sister are afraid that one day they will find me dead in a sea of crochet cushions!

Not to mention all the yarn for scarves just waiting to be made up.  Yikes.

Son number 3's girlfriend wants mittens for Christmas and I can't find a pattern I like.  She's tiny so if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate them!  Son number 2 also wants a cowl scarf - I've got the wool and the circular needles but this project is on the back burner as I really hate circular needles.

My sewing room (formerly known as the dining room) is awash with 'stuff' - lots of works in progress and ideas waiting to come to fruition. 

And yes, the poor old quilt is still waiting to be finished, bless ....

How am I going to fit all this in?  I'm considering giving up cooking and housework - that should buy me some extra hours.  Now, if only I could do without sleep. 

 So, what to do?  What to do?

I know....

Ah, that's better. 

 Now for a spot of Kirsty's Homemade Home (please don't let there be too many new ideas on tonight to add to my list of things I absolutely must make)!

Wishing you all a tizzy-less week.


Addendum:  I am posting this the next morning as there was a photo uploading embago on (must have been some crucial point in the death and destruction that is Black Ops for the XBox) and then we had to interrupt Kirsty to work on Will's personal statement for uni applications.  A little disappointed with Kirsty the last couple of weeks except, I may have to go and buy some fabric fixer as I used to be the queen of stencilling in a former life and have loads of lovely stencils that could be used on fabric......


  1. hi Jules I see you are very busy my children looked at me in fright when I suggested making them something woolly for their next Christmas pressie on reflection now it seems a very good idea I love the one you are making for son no 1 I think my son would be very happy with that on his bed( although a fixed game console and black ops may appeal to him more).
    I am enjoying kirstys program but my hubby hates it he sits there and says "we know "all the time but I like it for the ideas I didn't know you could buy that fixer to add to normal paint I may have to track some down myself
    Good luck with all your projects and I hope you find the time to finish them
    xx fee

  2. Oh my, I'm dizzy at the very thought of all those projects! I think you deserve a sherry (or two) and a mince pie...

    Beautiful work though and I'm pretty sure that your kids will love their gifts, after all they were made by Mum, with love.


  3. I Love Everything! Your colours are all so complimentary. I crocheted a cowl from a pattern I found on Ravelry - used really chunky wool and really big hook and it worked up a treat in no time - my kind of project!I think you need to give up work and just stay home enjoying what you`re doing (if only, eh?!).xx

  4. How I love seeing your creations - you are an absolute marvel in your handiwork! Simply beautiful - can you add me to your blanket list! Your children may not appreciate them now - but they will LATER!!

    Especially loved seeing your dining room and your craft table. I have a table JUST like that in my Sacred Yarn room-- I am wondering if it will ever get cleaned up!


  5. Hello and snap! We have so much in common and your work space looks so like mine, a spotty cloth and heaps of stuff, yes I too could open a shop and work gets in the way of creating! I love your boys coloured blankets and quilts hmmm maybe I could convert my son and husband that way! I too have a passion for crochet and patchwork and have baskets of wool and fabric everywhere, do visit my blog :)
    Heather x


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