Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Naked trees and hearty stews...

The nights are drawing in and the weather has taken it all to heart - howling gales, torrential rain, black clouds scudding across glorious sunsets.  The trees are rapidly shedding their leaves and will most likely be completely naked by the end of the week.  I have to confess to rather liking the Weather - at least it is definite and leaves you in no doubt about what to wear: as much as possible!  I don't like driving home in the dark but there's something very comforting about closing the curtains and turning on the lamps, lighting candles and hunkering down.

  So what better way to spend a cold dark evening than with a choice of new wool?

I took a little trip to the wool shop looking for wool for making Christmas presents.  I came back with some more Mirasol Miski (top of the pile in the guise of a half finished scarf), some Debbie Bliss for fingerless mitts (bright pink), some Debbie Bliss silk (pink skein, for nothing in particular, just 'cos I liked it!), some beautiful Chilean Araucania hanks - camel and silk mix (purple, grey, green mix) and some 100% Merino (purple) - all for scarves.

I'm really enjoying my knitting but do like to mix it up with a bit of crochet, making some 9 round grannies with the leftovers and Sunday afternoons are currently devoted to sewing with my sister.  We had quite a family affair going on with Mum involved too.  More on that in a later post nearer the time of the grand reveal although some of our makes can already be found on Anne's website.  I don't think we'd make much on a piece rate but it's a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

No more photos today - youngest son had to go out at midnight to buy the latest X-Box game that has just come out and I don't think my nerves can face the possibility of an all out tizzy turn as my uploading interferes with his game!  Oh, the joys of parenting teenagers.

Hoping you are all keeping warm and well.



  1. What a wonderful cosy picture you paint. Such a brilliant way to chase away those bad weather blues. BTW love the new wool, you are going to be busy.

  2. Oh let me guess. COD? Shoot bang kill! My second son (aged 11) is busy trying to explain to me that, although he's 11, it would be fine for him ... mmm ...

  3. I'm loving the sewing afternoons too and I am loving your new wool soooooooo much.I am scanning the skeins wondering if my Christmas present is hidden amidst all that woolly goodness??????
    Living and loving in hope
    your dearest sister Anne x

  4. I don't know about nights drawing in its more like afternoons, seems to be starting about 3pm this week ! Lovely wool...


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