Sunday, 19 June 2011

Honey, I'm home...

Feels like I've been gone ages when it's only been two weeks.  It was hot, hot, hot over there in the old US of A.  North Carolina was very hot and humid but the office, hotel and most shops were pretty chilly,  You know you're on the other side of the pond (but not sure in which era) when you see one of these in the hotel car park

I'm often at a bit of a loose end when my trips span a weekend but I went on line and quite by accident found a little gem.  I'm both thrilled and disappointed that in all the time I lived near Asheville and all the weekends spent in search of treasure I never knew that behind this unassuming little store front

lay this!

It is no mis-noma either, take a look at this ....  Loop was good but not this good.

Ladies on hand to help, give advice, sit and knit with..

I confess that I did buy several skeins of wool for various Christmas projects I have in mind and the very nice lady even wound it for me while I toddled off to do some other shopping (Foam & Fabric but that's another story).

After my later than planned arrival I had 8 days of meetings, training and more meetings to get through and then I headed home, stopping for a flying visit with my dear friend of 28 years, Nancy and her family in Philadelphia.  It was even hotter there - almost not worth bothering to have a shower as five minutes later you needed another one.  We talked, we shopped, we drank, sitting on the patio late into the night putting the world to rights and reminiscing. It's rarely peaceful or restful at Nancy's but I always come away feeling recharged somehow.  It's easy to be with good friends.

On the spur of the moment we - Nancy, her eldest daughter Maureen and I went for pedicures while the second pitcher of margaritas was chilling.  We spent the next few hours admiring our spiffy toes and super soft feet.  A mini holiday all in itself.

Just time for a Gelati for me and a Slenderita for Nancy  (she's sooo slim these days I almost want to hate her but she looks amazing) at Rita's, THE best place for water ice and frozen custard, before heading out for a quick dinner and then the airport.

Am I sorry I'm missing this event?

I don't think so!

I didn't have much time or energy for much time with Mr Hook but am happily ensconced on the sofa now and about to fight off the jet lag with a bit of me time with my hook and blanket.  I'll catch up with blogland tomorrow when I have a few more of my wits about me.



  1. Wow, love that shop - lucky you for being able to go in there!

  2. Looks like you had a great trip ,Jules,love the wool shop and those pretty toe nails!xxx

  3. I'm a new follower...I wandered here from your comment on Lynne's blog. You had me at "second pitcher of margaritas."

  4. What a fantastic yarn store. I found one by accident recently in Hastings when I was on a rare wkend with my hubby, and went a bit mad with yard for these wonderful quick knit scarves. It also had a table just like that store, where you could sit and knit (or crochet which is my love) and chat. Shame it's so far from me. Love the account of your trip. And thank you for leaving a comment about my phone nightmare. I'm so pleased to hear I'm not alone - have answered with a comment on the blog post but wanted to pop by to say hello too.


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