Thursday, 23 June 2011

While the cat's away...

...the mice - or in my case, the garden goes bonkers.  I left Will in charge of watering all my cuttings and pots but it seems he watered the whole garden whenever it wasn't raining - my complaints from pervious trips has finally paid off, sort of.  The grass hadn't been cut for over two weeks - too much rain apparently so it wasn't a case of one man went to mow a meadow, more one woman.  I felt a bit guilty as the lawn was mostly clover and the bees where having a lovely time.

The veg garden seems to be competing as the venue for the next 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' jungle setting: the chard was attempting to masquerade as rhubarb and who knew that spinach could be a small shrub?

The peas and potatoes are coming on nicely though!

I had to pull all the spinach and chard out but at least the compost should be nitrogen rich.  Despite all the rain the raised veg beds were still very dry so whilst trying to find my courgette plants I unearthed the first harvest of the year like dipping into the bran tub at the school fete - lovely first earlies and then I pulled some rhubarb to have for pud.

I've been struggling with jet lag all week but haven't been idle after all the washing, ironing, unpacking and working.  I'll show more later and in case Julie is reading, I haven't forgotten about the lovely award you bestowed on me - I'm just trying to get my brain together to give it my best. 

So much to post, so little time at the moment!  
Hope you are having a good week and keeping dry if you are in the UK and especially at Glastonbury.

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  1. Morning Jules,dont worry,thank you for the link back to me. The garden is looking lovely,The rhubarb,yummy! Hope your feeling a bit better with the jet


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