Friday, 24 June 2011

Random Acts of Crochet

I've been making 9 round granny squares for some time and finally had enough to put together as a blanket.  It's funny though, isn't it, no matter how random or how 'matchy' I try to be - moving squares round and round, over and over again yet the finished article rarely looks exactly as I imagined or hoped.  Same applies to my patchwork.

I do love the cheerfulness and depth of this blanket but looking at it now in the photograph I think I should still have made a few more changes before crocheting it together.  Not sure if it's my eyes or the photo which is a bit fuzzy - maybe both - but jetlag is abating now so I'll put it down to my crappy photography skills!

I didn't expect to be able to do much work on a blanket in 'the Summer' but it's been so nippy these evenings it's been rather nice having it piled on my lap as I worked my way round and round the edge (three rounds of trebles to balance out the 9 rounds in the squares).  My eldest, Ben will be home in July - better hide this blanket from him - he already thinks I have a serious addiction to fabric and crochet and I'd hate to see him rolling his eyes in dismay!

Now to finish some crochet bar stool covers I've been working on as a very belated present for Jan and her African themed bar.  Woman after my own heart - the home bar, not the African theme :)

TTFN, wishing you a great weekend wherever you may be.


  1. If your boys are anything like mine, they`ll roll their eyes at anything you do!No need for eye-rolling though, your blanket is very beautiful and you`re being far too hard on yourself about putting it together. It`s perfect!Good Weekend to you too Jules. x

  2. It's fantastic. I'll finish crocheting mine one day. The colours work really well. You must be pleased!

  3. I love this blanket. I am working on, like, 3 at the moment, it's ridiculous haha!
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