Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Oven love

I am the proud owner of a very fancy dancy new multi function oven - who knew such things existed?  The rest of the kitchen may still be a bit topsy turvy but I just had to try it out....

... it had to be cake!

I stood and watched it rise in my shiny new oven with absolute pleasure :)

Lemon Sponge with blueberry jam and lemon creamcheese frosting. 
(that has to count as 2 of the 5 a day, surely?)

Not very artistically done but my kitchen is still a work in progress and has the old oven plonked on the floor at the moment
It is now at work waiting for Elevenses to come round...

Yummy, scrummy, cake.
Hope you have time for cake and a cuppa today.


  1. How dare you post pictures of delicious looking cakes at this time of the morning! This really looks like the best cake I have ever seen please post a recipe for this beauty. My cakes never turn out this big! We had a new oven fitted last month and its such an exciting thing to watch your cakes and Yorkshire puddings rise its rather sad but I enjoy it. Tracy x

    1. I will post the recipe, no problem but my frosting/filling recipes are usually a case of 'make it up as o ugo along' but I'll have a bash just for you x

  2. That is a handsome cake indeed but probably about a million calories dammit!

    1. don't be silly - no calories at all if you eat it quickly enough! And then go for a long jog :) x

  3. Fab new oven - even fabber cake!Great work Jules. x

    1. going to try out my brownies today ... watch this space x


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