Saturday, 18 August 2012

For the love of crochet..

.. Couldn't resist this snappy little purchase from the Children in Distress charity shop .. 75p back in 1977 and 50p in 2012 - crochet patterns hold their value quite well..

not so sure about the fashions though :)

The evenings are starting to get a little chilly - perhaps I need one of these instead of my pjs to lounge in?

Something for the bad hair days..

Ooer, Mrs, not sure about thisone - would have to make it our of wire to hold up the ample boobage me thinks..(and make it three times as wide!)

Where did women put their boobs in the 70s?  

Ah, but the appeal of the granny square never diminishes, despite being called and Exotic Counterpane (slight hangover from the 60s going on here I think)

Anyone fancy making one of these?  Little Granny Riding Hood...

See, the Granny Square - timeless and fabulous

I've done no crafting this week although I have made good progress with the craft room - can actually get in there but not sure where I'm going to put all the excess stuff that is currently resting on Will's bed.  He's back on Monday so I have two days to come up with a solution.  Loft conversion maybe?

I'm back on my travels next week to Finland so I'm looking forward to some hooky time with a little cotton cot blanket (and well prepared for the ridicule that will be unleashed by my travel colleague - men just 'don't get it' on the whole but he's used to me dragging yards of yarn out of my computer bag while he watches film on his ipad).  

Happy weekend to you all.

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