Saturday, 7 February 2015

One door opens, another one closes ....

Or pride comes before a fall or other such sayings.  At least it seems to be true with baking and me.  Feeling all puffed up with pride after my dearest sister declared my tea cakes the best ever and I quote "I think I've died and gone to heaven" and feeling the love for all things Bake Off I thought I'd knock up Mary Berry's Orange and Sultana tray bake in readiness for a visit from said sister after work.  Well, I don't know what went wrong but suffice to say, the birds are enjoying a zingy breakfast this morning.  As I write this I have a batch of tea cake dough proving (hopefully) on the kitchen table alongside a batch of olive dough (another first) which I shall be experimenting with later.

But I haven't been slaving over flour and a laptop all week.  When I decided to make a new header for my blog rather than just taking a picture I got a little engrossed in crochet trims.  So, after making this shell edging in the finest of fine threads..

I was inspired to make a few different ones. 
Same pattern, different thread
Some Coronet trim
A little bit of Petal trim in a slightly heavier yarn ..
Some ripple stitch all in single crochet ..
Rather loving the Blossom trim..
So much so I tried it in a fine wool ..
 And and even finer wool - just some scraps from my huge scrap stash ..(feeling the love here)...

Some Droplets trim ..

And a pretty parade ...

A trio of blossoms ...

And so another cup of tea goes cold while I fiddle about with yarn and such.  My eyes are begging me to leave this fine work until the light is better but on the up side, my alcohol consumption is much reduced of an evening - along with speaking and breathing but I am loving working on these mini projects.  They will be put to good use as embellishments .... one day.  

Happy crafting to you all out there.  I'm off to tidy my larder cupboard ... life in the fast lane!



  1. Your header is delightful and the trims so pretty. It's a long time since I crocheted anything so fine.

    1. Thank you. The fine work is hard on the eyes after a certain age :) but I am enjoying it. Roll on the nice light nights!


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