Thursday, 8 April 2010

And so it begins....

After spending a lot of time helping my sister with her blog and reading numerous others, and after being ridiculed by my sons for a) stalking them on Facebook and b) claiming I didn't know how to create a blog I decided I'd show them so here I am! That about sums up my personality, determined, stubborn and tenacious but on the good side I do like to help others and enjoy my life in it's own quiet little way. I travel a lot with my proper job so being at home means indulging my domestic and creative side - sewing, crochet, knitting, beading, gardening and generally enjoying being a home bod, pottering around the house and garden and bimbling into town for a cuppa with my sister and mother and a rummage in the local charity shops and antique centre. Being a single Mum with three now grown up sons means there's been a distinct lack of frills and fru-fru in my life so now the last one will soon be leaving the nest it's time to explore the more girly aspects of life.

My sister has been diligently enticing me into the world of car boot sales, charity shops and 'old lady stuff' as my nephew likes to call it. I'll never reach the heights of my sister's hoarding and collecting passion. I keep telling her she has an illness - which has recently turned it's attention from old china, tablecloths and mirrors to all things Queeny. I am an enabler so she was shocked to find me encouraging her to bid for a box of queeny memorabilia at the local sale room yesterday. She is now the proud owner of said box for the princely sum of £2. She swears most of it will be going in the skip but I have my doubts! Check out her stash at

The blog name is a little deceptive as I tend to do more crochet and knitting than sewing but I am a bit fickle in my crafting commitments - once the initial obsession has worn off, of course. Over the years I have been passionate about crochet, knitting, cross stitch, gardening, reading, beading, embroidery, sewing, stencilling, to name but a few. Latterly the cross stitch and stencilling have taken a back seat with tentative returns to stencilling for my sister's shop and the home and a request from my Mum for a cross stitch sampler means I have 8 months to create her Christmas present.

So, if any of you do drop by my blogspot I hope you enjoy my ramblings. If nothing else this could save me a fortune on therapy.


  1. Welcome to blogland dearest Jules.I feel as your first disciple that I should reveal to fellow bloggers that you are apart from being brilliant, a bit of a craft tart as everything you try you do sooooo well(except perhaps felting which didn't really float your boat).
    A x

  2. ha ha - yes, that was just a bit too much like futile work for my liking! I'm currently a bit paralysed by the range of choices and stash options! Might have to do a bit of sorting instead until inspiration hits xx

  3. Hello and welcome to blogging I shall wait to hear a little bit more about you and your life.

    You will be amazed how quickly time goes between posts - you will think but I only posted last week how do the regular bloggers find the time! I manage once a month or less.

  4. Hello Alchamillamolly (love the name - one of the most amazing rain catching plants in m garden). Thanks for stopping by my blog - I just had a quick scoot through yours - fab fabric and ribbon stash - am a little envious (and of the £18 bargain chair - looks very comfy). Hope you are coping with the divorce news - always hard when one of your own is involved but at least they don't have any children which makes it even harder (speaking from experience).

  5. What a lovely start to a blog. I love crochet, but the sewing has taken over more recently in my case. Welcome to blogging!


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