Friday, 16 April 2010


In the spirit of thrift and recycling my sister kindly donated an old, faded deck chair to me. Three coats of paint and a rummage through my stash of fabric later and I now have a new addition to the garden. Now I can relax in style (despite the fact that my sister says I never do). I have had this piece of Designer's Guild fabric since the 90s when I had another life as a stay at home mum and could gad off to London for the fabric sales... My hoarding gene has served me well and I think the end result is rather stylish and goes so well with the little daffs that are just hanging in there with a last gasp.


and a close up of the fabric

And the patchwork quilt? Well, it's really hard to stay inside and sew when the sun is shining!


  1. Fabulous! And costing nowt!Well done,Jules

  2. couldn't have done it without you, sis! xxx

  3. and I did sit in it today! In the sunshine after a few hours gardening - nearly couldn't get out again! Think I'm going to pay for today's labour tomorrow - might have to be wheeled round the car boot sale!


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