Sunday, 25 April 2010

I may be getting old but I am a very lucky 'girl'!

Yes, clearly I am old - but my sister thought I was only 46 today so I think I'll go with that - after all, older sisters always know best! It's been a lovely day even if it did start rather disappointingly with cold, rain and not so hot car boot sales - yes, not just one but two today but all I managed to buy were yet more plants for the garden .... will it ever end? ... and a few bits of lace.

My lovely sister arranged for the sisterhood to meet for my birthday this afternoon and also catered it so all I had to do was tidy the house and get ready. We had the best egg mayo sandwiches courtesy of some of Anne's customer's pet hens - so, so yellow.... yum, crisps and dip courtesy of Jan and also some sparkling rose and deliciously ripe strawberries and clotted cream. Adele made the most fabulous carrot cakes - almost too pretty to eat but we overcame that without much resistance! Of course, no tea party would be complete without strawberry tarts and chocolate cake but I think the chocolate cake may have been a calorie too far and nearly tipped us over the edge! Thank goodness for leggings is all I can say.

Anne, big sis of superb taste and Made and Found fame, not to mention the publisher of a very pretty blog; gave me some gorgeous gifts:

this beautiful Jan Constantine Love cushion to add to the one she bought me for Christmas and the one I had to treat myself too - couldn't have one being lonely and now the little one completes the family!

and these fab books - can't wait to have a go at some of the projects
One lucky sister may just end up getting a quilt like this for Christmas (not sure which year though as my last one remains
unfinished again ..
.... maybe next weekend, depending on the weather and how the 'sorting Anne's sewing room' project fares).

This gorgeous towel from the new Pip Studio range that's just arrived in the shop - really too pretty to use but I shall enjoy looking at it and giving it the occasional stroke .... soooo soft and soooo pretty.

I've spoken to all my boys, the sun eventually came out and now I have my feet up with a cup of peppermint tea... hmm, I must really be old then but after an afternoon of such indulgence I suppose it's not surprising!


  1. Happy Birthday little sister! I think im a bit jealous of those cushions...We had a lovely time and the day did indeed improve.xx

  2. all thanks to you - thanks again for a lovely day xxx

  3. Happy birthday! Enjoyed reading your blog so am now a follower...keep up the good work!
    Deborah x


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