Wednesday, 28 April 2010

To garden or to craft - what a dilemma

It looks like the weather is returning to it's dismal normal self so I won't be torn between the garden and the craft stash. I made the most of the nice weather whilst it was here and the garden is nice and tidy, the hostas are valiantly poking through the rather hard ground and the borders are starting to burgeon. The helibores are nearly over but are just the prettiest of plants, shy but gorgeous with their heads turned modestly to the ground. My two alpina helsingborg clematis have a mass of flowers this year - must have liked the harsh pruning afterall! I almost can't wait for the astrantia and geraniums to start flowering! Oh happy days ahead....

Adele bought me this lovely hydrangea for my birthday on Sunday:

Clematis alpina helsingborg - abundant with blooms on both front and back plants

a freebie plant swap from my neighbour, Shelia Margaret (real name Sheila whom I have mistakenly called Margaret for the past three years so she shall forever be known as Sheila Margaret)!

Pretty little helibore - daintily bouncing in the breeze (which seems to be revving up to more of a gale to be honest):

Well, that's Wednesday almost done with - over the hump and all down hill to the weekend and who knows what delights might be found at the car boot sale .... and then on to Anne's sewing room (and who knows what we might discover in there!) If I'm lucky I'll also be able to squeeze in a bit of time using another of my birthday gifts from Charlotte - one of our younger sisterhood members . Charlotte works at Reed's on Saturdays - amongst what seems like a million other places and was guided by my sister to buy this from there

but who's going to make me a cup of tea and bring me a biscuit?

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