Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Sisterhood Springs into action

...well, we had a leisurely start as there was so much food and wine to eat and drink - but we did look at books and do the teensiest bit of knitting/crochet.

We managed to sit outside for a short spell while the rain held off - it's amazing how fast you can move when the cakes are under threat of a drenching!

and yes, I really, really must finish this quilt!!!


  1. Hi Jules - I love your crafty little blog. Love that you knit. Love that you have a yarn and fabric and bead stash - just like ME! The best part of my yarn stash is that I can go shopping in the middle of the night in my pajamas! LOVE that!

    How cool that you are familiar with the Biltmore. To answer your question - YES! we have done the candlelight tours and parties. There is probably nothing at the Biltmore that we have not done - twice. Every tour - every room that is open - the concerts, the special events. We are Biltmore fools!

    Thanks for coming to see me - I am really just so happy to meet you. IN fact - I will be your newest follower - so there! Now we are friends for sure!


  2. Hi Vicki - thanks for getting in touch! Internet makes the world such a small place, doesn't it? I love Biltmore - had a couple of English friends (ex pat wives of work colleagues) who worked as guides there but one came back to the UK and the other moved up to Illinois (would much rather be in NC!) They were called Diane Collins and Carol Thompson - maybe you came across them on one of your many trips.
    I am torn at the moment between crafting and gardening but manage to do a bit of each most nights. Got a crochet throw on the go, just finishing a knitted bag and am agonising over how to finish off the patchwork quilt I'm making. I could kick myself for not doing more patchwork when I was over in NC when I had a lot more free time. Never mind.
    Thanks for stopping by and following me - gives me a bit of incentive :)


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