Saturday, 29 May 2010

Let's think now

A bit of a mixed bag of a bank holiday weekend.  Friday was glorious - managed to get the grass cut and even sit outside in the sunshine with a little aperatif and round the evening off with a little more crafting.  Almost stumped by how to convert my hexagons into a square cushion I set to experimenting.  I made some half hexagons for the big gaps and then fiddled about with single, double, triple and double triples to fill the pointy gaps.  I've edged the straight (ish) sides with trebles but am not 100% happy with the result - I may just work on it some more whilst I try and find a cushion pad to fit (why, oh why do I always do things the hard way - less haste, more speed I hear my mother cry).  And then I have to decide how to back it.  Oh, decisions, decisions.

Yes, it still needs some work and another press...... ho hum.

And who would have thought making large grannies out or baby grannies would be such a difficult job - agonising over the colours for the centres - I think I need an injection of 'let the creative spirit flow' rather than thinking too much.  Finishing 'just one more' granny square has taken the place of 'just one more chapter' before I go to bed and now I'm usually too tired to read more than a few pages.

Saturday morning found me slumbering blissfully - no sunshine peeking through the window - until I turned over, settling myself for a few more minutes, took a one eyed peek at the clock and glory be!  It was 9.30!  I never (correction, rarely) sleep late so I leapt out of bed feeling rather discombobulated, my mind already racing with all the things I wanted to do.  Must have needed it, I hear my Mother say.  Mind you, no sunshine means much less temptation to be out in the garden but the distinct and rather grim possibility of doing some housework.  It's getting a bit tiresome stepping over and round all the obstacles littered about - just waiting for me to do something with them - re-home, car boot, just put away!  It all reduces the creative time but sometimes needs must.  Another of my Mother's favourite sayings.  Blimey, am I turning into my mother?  Or maybe it's the book I am currently reading entering my subconscious - The Things Your Mother Never Told You by Olivia Lichtenstein.  I confess I was drawn by the cover but it's an interesting and sometimes humorous read with parallel stories of a woman confronting the break up of her marriage and an imminently empty nest and her mother's untold story of love during apartheid at it's height in South Africa.  I've been to Durban and was quite shocked at how much racism there still is.

Quite why this has imported the wrong way round heaven only knows but I daren't do it again.  Every time I upload photos my youngest, dearest son thunders downstairs in disgust to check on how long it's going to take because it slows down his X-Box, bless his little cotton socks.

Feeling just ever so slightly ashamed I gave the bathroom a good going over combined with showering - very efficient of me.  Oh yes, my bath and tiles are not matt antique white anymore - they are, in fact, sparkly white - who'd have thought it?   A quick trip to the lovely Perry's in Ruswarp - by, it was fair nithering up there, as they say round here - for a few little additions to the garden family.  The pond needed a bit more oomph in the plant division as the algae is already growing like mad and I just couldn't resist a few little extras.

And a photo for Deborah at Fondant Kiss - those flowers (Aquilegia or Columbine) you thought were weeds: putting on a lovely display in Perry's border!  Sorry it's a bit blurry but is was rather windy and cold - I wasn't lingering!

So now I think I'll just give the housework a little more thought and retire to the craft room and see what inspires me.  So many ideas rattling around in there.  I want to try Lucy's method of joining as you go, I've just borrowed some vintage crochet patterns from my Mum (more on that later) and I have a pile of stuff to finish off.  First, I'll just make a quick cuppa .... and maybe a biscuit or two to keep my energy up.


  1. lol - Since I have been off work I have been sleeping till about 10am - no wonder I too feel discombobulated (always best uttered by Stephen Fry)- it all makes sence now!!!

    Good luck with the Grany Squares and filling in bits! I have not become that advanced in my crocheting yet


  2. lovely colours!

  3. Hi Jules, I have been partnered with you foe the boudoir swap, I look forward to getting to know you. Lovely blanket..


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