Saturday, 8 May 2010

A little Finnish Inspiration

I don't normally get much free time when I'm on my jaunts but this trip was a little different - light nights, not too late at the office and not too much wine so I took advantage of the chance to get outside for some fresh air and a little exercise. The shops I really wanted to visit closed before I got back from work but I took a nice long walk taking in a couple of my favourite department stores, Stockmann and Sokos and made a little purchase ..... I feel a crochet bag coming on...

On the third night Ulla and I managed to leg it to one of my favourite - but a bit expensive shops - the name of which I can't remember (or probably spell) but I made another little purchase ..... there's definitely a bag in here just waiting to emerge

On the fourth night I went to visit my favourite little girl in the whole wide world (oh, and her Mum and brother!) We had such fun and she presented me with a late birthday gift - some lovely Marimekko napkins and some girlie tools for doing manly jobs. Siiri made me a lovely fan to keep me cool when I am rushing around ...

And here she is - getting nice and comfy with her favourite pillow ready for the ten stories I promised I'd read to her. By the ninth one she conceded to have the tenth one read in bed as she was sooooo tired. It's great to have some girlie time and I take my hat off to Riikka - two lively little ones and she handles it all so well. Severi is desperately trying to catch up with his sister's grasp of English which is a delight to listen to. I'm sure he's making perfect sense but it gives us all a giggle.How did I spend my hours on the plane? Well, my hands are rarely idle so I started on a mini project I have in mind. It should be a Christmas present but I probably won't be able to wait that long to give it away.

But the best part of the trip..... having my luggage arrive back at the same time as me and coming home to a lovely cup of tea. Ahhh, bliss.

So, now to the chores that domestic bliss entails (whoever came up with that term needs their head looking at), a quick trip to York to replenish the fridge with some nice bits and pieces and then to the garden .... oh, and with any luck the final trimming of the quilt. I may need a few more hours in my weekend... hmmmm......


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful shopping spree! love the yarns and the sweet picture of you and the little one! So glad youhad a great trip. You are like me - when I am on a plane I just have to keep busy knitting!


  2. Hi Vicki - yes, for a work trip it was pretty good and being with Siiri is always a blast! I tend to stick to crochet for the please- never had a crochet hook confiscated so far but knitting needles yes, and I need less elbow room to crochet!
    Spent today in the garden - sunny but windy so I have had a good week/weekend all round. Hope you have too!


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