Sunday, 9 May 2010

The North Wind did blow .... but who cares!

A little show of Honesty - self set at the bottom of the garden - brings joy to my heart as the garden comes to life and colour appears all over the place.

After a day spent catching up with myself and a rather late night I was leaving it up to fate to see if I would be up on time to go to the car boot sale with my sister but my eyes opened at 7.10 and when Anne said there were two on today my mind was made up. Got the ironing out of the way and togged up to brave the north wind that would be blowing up on the Moors. The sun kept threatening to put in an appearance but the wind was very keen and almost ruined Anne's day - she hates the cold but how can you be miserable when you see these little beauties - pale blue Legbar hen's eggs - almost too pretty to eat.
I was trying to be restrained and a bit more particular in my car boot shopping today but for 50p this lovely glass dish caught my eye - just right for some bons-bons.
For my jug collection - a steal at £2 for both the jug and the sugar bowl! I also picked up some white cotton thread for 25p and a few more plants for the garden - the lawn area is shrinking as the borders grow in size!
And the quilt? Well, I made a promise to myself - but that was before I saw how much work needed doing in the garden after just 5 days away but yesterday I managed to attach the binding and spent the evening hand hemming it onto the quilt ...

And today ..... I finished it completely!!! I am so pleased with my little self and even Will came to marvel at my achievement. It was a labour of love but now that it is on my bed I am very proud .... and resolve to have a go at another one - but not with such tiny diamonds next time!

So, having spent the best part of the day outside, painting the fence, weeding, cutting the grass, potting on some seedlings and planting out the courgettes and peas I think I deserve a nice big glass of wine .... and if someone could just carry me upstairs I think I'd like to have a long soak in a hot bath......


  1. Oh where to start! Those blue eggs - lovely! And your vintage finds - love them too! But that quilt - oh how unbelievable that is - you are amazing in your creation of that beauty! You should be so proud!


  2. Thanks Vicki - I am rather proud of myself - and it took less than a year to finish despite my flitting off to do other things. I wish I'd taken up patchwork sooner - it's definitely addictive - although I am a little addicted to the crochet blanket at the moment. It's the joy of putting all the colours together that appeals to me with all these crafts - and the garden too. So much to do, so little time! Have a great day.


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