Sunday, 2 May 2010

Things I have learned this bank holiday weekend...

don't rely on the weather - it will inevitably wrong-foot you; don't take short cuts - they always end up being longer than you hoped; don't wear black when trying to assemble a queen-sized patchwork quilt; don't try to assemble a patchwork quilt using only pins - basting, pressing.... mmm, yes, must try doing that next time; don't try to machine quilt after two glasses of wine; do pay attention to detail and take your time (that's probably never going to happen); do go to bed before the next day arrives; my sister needs me but with any luck, her craft studio will be just that by the end of the week. Anne - I'm expecting great and glorious things to come out of that room now you have space to let your creative imagination fly!

So, thanks to the rather crappy bank holiday weather the garden took a back seat and I vowed to pay attention to my quilt. I started it late last Summer thanks to some inspiration and a short class from Marche, a very talented lady who showed us how to patch by hand. For some reason, best known only to who knows whom, I decided I would make a hand patched quilt - it was almost a cushion, but no, that was far too lightweight, I could do better than that and I had an enormous stash of fabric so why not? Why did I decide on such tiny diamonds? Clearly high on ambition and low on common sense! After many evenings, many sore finger tips and pin pricks later, lots of blood sweat and tears - well, no tears if I am honest but a lot of cursing later, along with aggravated tennis elbow, wrist strain and shoulder ache from being hunched over my lovely new sewing machine quilting my lovingly patched quilt - practically dragging it through the ditch quilting process it is ....... almost finished!!! And if it weren't for the fact that I have to fly off this afternoon I dare say I would have been burning the midnight oil again to get it really finished.

Just waiting for the finishing touch - a trim of Cath Kidston fabric all the way around - it's ready and waiting......

It's by no means perfect and I don't think I will ever do anything on this scale again - the tiny diamonds and the seemingly huge dimensions but I think that on balance, the love/hate relationship with my labour of 'love' will come out as a 'love' in the end. I'll be itching to get home on Friday so I can finally, finally finish it over the weekend. My son thinks I am prolonging the project on purpose but I really do want to put it to and on the bed as I have lots of other projects patiently waiting to be finished or started....

a felted bag to be assembled and embellished

a crochet blanket to assemble

and a host of lovely little bits and pieces just waiting to be converted to something gorgeous!

So, all I need to do now is win the lottery so I can give up this going to work for al living lark and spend my time doing the things I love. One day maybe. Note to self: buy lottery ticket.

Better go and pack so bye for now!

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  1. You have some wonderful projects in your stash! They are all so lovely. Dont you hate it when work gets in the way of our crafting fun! Here is hoping that you make some progress!



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