Thursday, 13 May 2010

Time for a Change - just wish it was the weather!

Well, if it's good enough for the government of this country then it's time my sofa followed suit.  My house is small, my stash is large so I decided this would be the year of converting 'stuff' into 'things' - things useful, things beautiful and things for the lovely people I count as friends and family.  So, in need of a bit of a rest from crocheting corsages what was I going to do with all the 'oddballs' of wool I have?  Why, a granny square throw, of course!  

My grandmother made us all crochet blankets when we were younger and I remember every night looking at all the squares, trying to decide which one was my favourite.  Of course, I never could make up my mind and it's the same now.  

Putting the colours together is part of the joy of creating - with wool, with fabric, beads, buttons, paints ...... it's all just so tempting and more than a little addictive.  I was really quite happy with my result - the textures soft and tactile - a mix if bamboo and cashmerino, joined together with the ridge on the upperside this time, finished off with two rounds of trebles and a last round of double crochet.   A very pleasing palette of muted mixed with the odd touch of vibrant.  Yes, very pleased ... until ... I had a browse on one of my favourite blogspots and saw what Lucy of  Attic24 had created!  Me oh, my oh - what a gobsmackingly wonderful mix of colours!  I am a little jealous and even a little more tempted to abandon my usual penchant for the soft pastels and leap into the world of brights!  I'm feeling a little dull by comparison and the weather isn't helping.  

I think the courgettes and the beans have fallen victim to the frost and my newly planted Actinidia is looking very sorry for itself.  I guess the old saying 'N'er cast a clout 'til May is out' hasn't been around all these years for nothing.  As I finished off the throw last night I ended up with a rather lovely pile of snippings - so pretty.  I wonder if the birds would like them to line their little nests with?

Well, big brother is visiting this weekend so the crafting may be a little curtailed but I have a little practical project in mind which involves a long since knitted and fulled 'bag' in Noro - it's quite bright so I am on the right path and I think it's going to get me a fair few comments on my next business trip.  Intrigued?  I should have something to show you by Monday.  So until then, ta-ta and so long and have a great weekend.


  1. OOOhhh your grannies look gorgeous, so does your patchwork, what a busy bee you have been. I love lucy in the attic and have four of her projects are right I need to use what I already have and not buy any more supplies (yeah right...what does willpower mean?)
    Well done you!
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss} x

  2. Thanks Deborah - it's wonderful to see so many talented people out there all doing their bit to brighten up this world we live in. Now I'm going to check out what you've been up to!

    Happy Friday!!! Woohooooo!

  3. Hello again Jules, I came back to thank you for joining in my Boudoir Swap Darling and to tell you how to put badges in your sidebar....But did it! Well done you, now you have sussed it out your sidebar will be ooozing with pretty froufrou teehee teehee!
    Happy Friday to you too hun x

  4. yes, clever me! I'm a bit of a terrier - hate not knowing how to do things! My middle son is studying graphic design - can't wait for him to come home for the Summer and start doing some photoshop and other fab stuff - he's a whizz. I just wish work wouldn't keep getting in the way!!
    Have a great weekend xx

  5. Jules - your crochet spread is absolutely lovely - an amazing combinations of colors -it is stuning! I have to say though - but as silly as this sounds - it was the picture of the clippings that you are probably throwing away that made my heart stop. I am crazy obsessed with knots and tangles and clipping from yarn. Just call me crazy - but I save them all! Even have my friends save theirs for me!


  6. Vicki, I can send you them if you want? They do look so pretty and l often wonder how I could put them together for something useful!

  7. Vicki - that was me (Jules) not John (my brother) - little tinker was signed into Google and didn't tell me!

  8. I have just descovered your lovely blog while blog hopping!

    I love your pastels, and I hope you enjoy your forray into brights!


  9. Your granny blankie is really lovely but ooooooo you've GOT to try some bright hooky colours, you'll love it I'm sure :o)
    go on go on go on, see I'm egging you on!!

  10. I will, I am - you are sooo bad for me Lucy - I'm going to buy some brights tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration (I really don't need much encouragement) xx


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