Friday, 2 July 2010

A week of plenty...

plenty of work, plenty of stress - in fact far too much a plenty of that for my liking but on the good side, plenty of sunshine and other good plentifulness.

Look what arrived in the post for me from Maria of Me and Ma - my Boudoir Swap gift

I just LOVE it and it tones very nicely with the colours in my quilt - thank you, Maria!

My mother and I went for a quick spin to Whitby this afternoon - glorious weather, a fab lunch of Whitby Haddock and chips - should have taken a photo but it wasn't on the plate long enough and the lack of photographic evidence helps my denial - may have to go and get into my pjs soon though and that's not good - but it is the weekend!  We had a nice mooch round a few of the shops - not too many as time was a bit short, it was boiling hot and the hills and cobbles don't really suit my mother's knees.  I'll show you what I bought tomorrow and what else came in the post for me this week.

Until then, it's the sofa, a glass or two of wine and some one-to-one time with my patchwork crochet blanket.

Wishing you a very lovely Friday evening and sending lots of positive thoughts and love over the net to Deb  xxx

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  1. I am glad that you like the cushion Jules.I love Whitby, very fond memories of childhood holidays on a campsite behind the abbey and counting down the 199 steps into town ! Have a lovely relaxing weekend x


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