Saturday, 16 October 2010

Exhausted - my feet think I hate them!

sooooo tired - my feet, knees and back are not cut out to be waitresses but it was a fun day all the same.  A deep hot bath was the perfect antidote.

Yesterday I was elbow deep in a cloud of icing sugar ....   cream cheese frosting by the tonne for the red velvet cup cakes...

but my feet were happy feet in my new slippers .... one of the best points of autumn, being able to wear slippers again...

The night before the morning after - furniture moving and a transformation from gift shop to tea room

Last minute planning ...

and ta da ... we're ready

More tomorrow on the weekend but first,  a sneak preview of a special blog friend some of you may know en famille looking every bit the 1940's part

It was a chilly day but there was dancing in the street and the sun shone (the photos are lying, the sun really was shining - the windows are very dirty!)

More tomorrow.  For now my bed is calling me.


  1. Looks like the day was a success! Good work :-)

  2. ''Twas a good day- am looking forward to another day of toil and an early baking session. Love the slippers.See you tomorrow.
    Anne x

  3. What a fab day it looked. Well done on your `Tea Room`, it looks so inviting, as does the dresser filled with all the yummy cakes! Well done.


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