Saturday, 30 October 2010

Fall back...

An extra hour in bed tonight - whooppeeeee!  Although, if tomorrow is anything like today it would be a shame to waste time in bed.  What a glorious day.  Autumn at it's finest, crisp, fresh, sunny and dry.  A true delight.  After a week spent in airports, meeting and hotel rooms it was great to get out in the fresh air.  Met my sister and Mum to head to Cheryl's Homespun and Vintage fair at the Quaker Meeting House - a lovely place in its own right but truly beautiful bedecked with lots of gorgeous lovely things.  I didn't take any photos inside - it didn't feel right to be honest but we had a lovely hike up Brant Hill steps to get there.

Phew - managed to make it up to the top without the need for oxygen or a sit down.

The leaves are turning and looked resplendent against the clear blue sky.

How true!

Of course, I had to have a little spend.  I went with a view to doing a little Christmas shopping but I ended up being the main recipient :)

This gorgeous cushion made by Gale & Temple.  I don't have enough cushions.......

This vintage apron which I think I am going to incorporate into a brown linen dress that has been languishing unworn in the wardrobe as I always feel a bit like a novice nun when I wear it.  This would definitely cheer it up.

The work is amazingly neat and even.

And another vintage apron - I'll be ready for next year's War Weekend!

No time to stop for a cup of tea as Anne had to get back to the shop so I walked back to Mum's.  She lives near the castle and has amazing views.

Back to town to do a little mundane shopping but still time to stop and marvel at the lovely town I live in.

The station - a little bit quieter than last weekend!

Oh, what's this?  Only the nicest shop in town! 

We have been busy little bees, Anne, Mum and myself and here are a few of our Made creations amongst the Found

Did I mention that I don't have enough cushions?  Well, here's the latest addition - a bright version of the round cushion I made a while ago.  


I was just waiting for the cushion pad to complete this as I finished it a while ago.  I've got a few knitting projects on the go at the moment - three scarves and a bag.  I need more wool for two of the scarves, hence why I moved on to another scarf.  I took the bag with me to Finland and managed to get it finished (minus the handles) on the journey.

A mixture of garter, moss, stocking and double rib stitches which should give an interesting texture once it's felted and I made eyelet holes for some ribbon embellishments later.

Just the handles to make now!  

What will tomorrow bring, apart from an extra hour in bed?



  1. What a lovely post! That`s some climb up the hill but it looked well worth it!Love the shop - just been over to Anne`s (all the best `Annes` have an `e`!) and have now started following.I see my favourite cushion is in the shop (the one which your Mum made and which I love so much!)so I`m now saving up to buy it. Talking of cushions, I absolutely love your latest one - the colours are very pretty and you know what I do if I need a round cushion pad? I just find an old square one, take out the filling and cut a round shape in material of your choice (I use fleecy wadding) to use for a pad then stuff it and sew it back up. Voila!
    Have a Good Sunday Jules & Co. x

  2. Hi Jules,

    What a lovely post, if only we had crisp days like that instead of this freezing crochet blanket snuggling, hot chocolate drinking weather.
    Your blog is so fab, you are a whiz at the old crochet nowadays. I love the blanket you've made for Michael... what a lucky boy!

    Have you put the apron onto your skirt?

    I've finally started my own blog I've written so many posts in archive...motherhood and work is now balancing out so I have more time for me which is great.

    Sorry I missed out on the festive event at Anne's, our car hasn't left the village for over a week, mum has been my angel in her four wheel drive.

    Much crochet love xxxx


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