Thursday, 14 October 2010

My, doesn't time fly?

It's been ages since I last blogged.  The trip to America (work, not holiday) was quite gruelling or maybe I'm just finding the global life more tiring as I get older.  I managed to visit one of my dearest friends in Philadelphia on my way home.  We crammed a lot into our 48 hours but that meant I landed on Sunday and straight back to work on Monday.  I was jet lagged and brain addled for at least a week!

We went to a showing by a couple of local artists, Paul Gorka and Christine Clay - stunning larger than life canvases in amazing colours.  They live in a converted building which has been used for many purposes over the years and their apartment on the top floor has great views.  The interior was really something else (unfortunately, none of those pics came out).

One of Paul's wooden sculptures atop their front door
Whenever some graffiti appears Paul just paints over it in a different colour

This was my favourite painting of Chris's

And so time to head to the airport.  The weather had been very changeable my whole trip - blazing hot, very humid in North Carolina.   Hot, humid, gale force winds and torrential rain in Philadelphia - to the point that downtown was pretty much closed on the Friday morning due to severe flooding.  By the time I was heading home though the sun was shining and it was a glorious evening.

William Penn stands proudly above city hall
The infamous Art Museum (no sign of Rocky this time)

That was almost two weeks ago!  As I said, time seems to be flying by at a rate of knots.  I've taken a couple of days off to catch up with myself.  I took my mother into York today as she wanted to buy wool - she's on a knitting roll - tea cosies, baby hats, cushions - there's no stopping her now.
One of my favourite streets in York - The Shambles.  
Cath inspiring us all to get stitching (seem to have run out of time today)
White Stuff and their tea and biscuits promo - should have sent one of Mum's tea cosies in!
There seems to have been scant time for crafting since my return.  I didn't do anything on the trip other than crochet another silk scarf on the flight out.  Since returning I've finished a couple of projects but will save that for another post.  

Now I'd better get my pinny on and get baking - Madge's Whistle Stop Cafe will be open at Reed's for this year's Wartime weekend.  There'll be more on that later...if I survive the weekend.  Last year I was so tired that I ended up lying on the sofa watching the telly through one eye, too tired to drag myself up to bed.  We're doing it over both days this time - cake supplies allowing! 

I bought my big sis a little something from York today - when I post about it you'll see how appropriate it is.  It's going to be a busy weekend.  Anne's wondering if she can press gang her pupils into baking at school and panicking about all the things that have to be done before Saturday morning.  Mum is on washing up duty with Jan, Anne's on tea, coffee and crumpet duty and Jenny and I will be waitressing.  Now what to wear.....


  1. Wow you do live a hectic life. Good Luck with the weekend I am rather a fan of 40s 'dos'. Hope you manage to keep them all fed.

  2. I'm with Winnibriggs on this, you have been (and look set to continue to be) incredibly busy!!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend and sell all your cakes...not too early though ;-)

    Hope we'll see some photo's too

  3. Oh, yes, of course there will be photos :)


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