Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another week, another country...

I've been in Finland this week as my favourite work colleague is leaving and going to pastures new in Helsinki so I headed over for some meetings and her farewell party.  I didn't even take any wool with me such is my lost mojo status!

However, before I went I spent a few hours with my sewing machine to take my mind of Will going away to uni.  I made this bunting on request for one of my sister's colleagues whose daughter was going away to uni too


Those are my new bedroom curtains - also hastily made!

Will's girlfriend was also off to dance school in London and had been looking for a laptop case.  I wanted to get her something to go away with so I made here this

using lovely Tilda on one side and some fabric I picked up in the States on the inside

I didn't have a pattern so made it up as I went along and think I made it a bit more complicated than it needed to be, with a lot of hand finishing but she was thrilled with the result and it has been much admired she tells me so I am happy.

I'm sure that like a lot of empty nesters around the country there has been quite a lot of soul searching going on, taking stock and wondering what to do now.  I am at such a crossroads and really don't know what I want.  I did have a long chat with my boss this week though so now have some things to think about.  I was even brave enough to tell him that I was sick and tired of this kind of attitude:

It's a bit small but the caption reads: 
'that's an excellent idea, Miss Triggs, perhaps one of the men would like to make it'

I used this as the cover for a dvd I put together for Ulla of all our travels we'd made together with work since 2007.  She totally got it!

Only a few days at home for me this week and then it's time to pack my bags for Rio - but I get an oernight stop in London do I can see how Will is getting on in his new digs.  But first, I must go and make a belated birthday present for my favourite sister....

Hope the world is treating you well.


  1. Love your bunting and those curtains are soo pretty and the laptop case is gorgeous much better than the ones in shops that all look the same ,your very clever x

  2. I think I've caught your wool mojo! I'm in a crochet frenzy.
    Your sewing makes are great (I want to lay on your curtains) and making feel all inspired to have a go and try to improve my skills. I may, only may, dig the sewing machine out of the garage today... (I won't.)
    The empty nest thing is something I won't have for a while, and I don't know how I'll cope with that, but your job does keep you really busy even if you don't feel in love with it at the moment. Perhaps with the big changes at home it has made you feel like taking stock and doing something different. I'm sure you will work your way through it and make the right decisions.
    Enjoy Rio and your trip to London.

  3. Great to `see` you Jules. I`ve been on a knitting frenzy but have picked up the hook again for when I`m watching `Spooks`...need to really concentrate on that! I`ve spent some time with my two boys this weekend, one of whom is about to become engaged next Saturday. I went to pick the ring with him today and all I could think about (as well as his happiness) was `how much is this going to cost me`? Is there something wrong with me?lol Have fun flying down to Rio. x

  4. Oops, forgot to say what beautiful things you made. Lovin` them bedroom curtains.

  5. Seeing places must be great but does the travelling just drive you potty? Love your makes.

  6. I have to have your curtains they are beautiful are they clark and clark? wonderful blog i am following. x


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