Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Light and fresh...

That's not describing the wind that is currently battering the UK with gale force but my new window treatment.  Since my creative mojo seems to be absent without leave I have turned my attentions to the home.  Instigated by the sorting and packing I've been doing for my two younger sons - one as he leaves uni and sets up in his first home and the other as he makes ready to go off to uni, and the knowledge that I will have to down size I took to the decorating.

The bathroom is always the easiest to do as it's pretty small and can be done in a day.  As I took the old blind down for a wash I was horrified at what lay behind it.  Out came the cleaning products, the elbow grease and a lot of sneezing!  Even after a wash the blind wasn't really fit to put back up - well, the bits you can see look fine but I know what lurks on the back so I had a little think and then knew I had the perfect place for the bit of cotton heart crochet pelmet I'd been making with no real idea as to what I would do with it.

A bit of snipping from my fabric stash, a length of ribbon from my extensive ribbon collection, a pleasant evening spent hand sewing the edging on whilst watching last night of the proms and hey presto....

light and fresh I think you'll agree?

I've also given my bedroom a bit of an overhaul - Will declared it very nice and much warmer feeling than before - praise indeed.  I'll post some pictures when I've finished it.  In the meantime, it's on with the hall, stairs and landing in between shopping for 'uni stuff'.  

Hope you are all staying safe, warm and well.


  1. Oh my word, I love that! I have found myself about 25 projects today and now you've given me another one! I'm not sure I'd be up to the pelmet, it looks very intricate, but I love the idea.
    In my bathroom I have a white wooden venetian blind and I'm scared to go too near to it because it must be rank with dust. I can only look at it when the bathroom is steamed up and without my glasses on!

  2. Thought you said you`d lost your creative mojo!!It`s alive and well and living in your bathroom by all accounts! Brilliant, Jules it`s so pretty.
    Good Luck to the lads in their respective moves. I did all my redecorating in chunks - a chunk of Dairy Milk and a chunk of Galaxy every now and then kept me going!!Have a great week. x

  3. its lovely and I love the crochet edging ,the ribbon adds a very professional look
    xx fee

  4. Hi Jules,sorry a bit late with this post tried to leave message last weeek and blogger played up and havent had chance since, All i wanted to say was love the blind ,your creative mojo s still there! Wishing your boys good luck with there moves ,too,I may be facing this next year and dont know how I ll cope ,I loved your reply to one of my posts,such positive words,the natural passage of time,the springboard from childhood to adulthood.Your words have and will stay with me,thankyou jules.xxxxx


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