Monday, 26 September 2011

Seven years bad luck coming my way :(

Thank you ladies for your kind and thoughtful comments.  I may be very much in need of support in the coming months, nay years.

When I got home from work tonight I thought I'd do a few jobs to try and get the upstairs back in some semblance of order.  I should have opened a bottle of wine and put my feet up with my crochet but no ....

.... instead, I decided to put the bathroom cupboard back up - no idea why because I don't even really like it that much.  I took the mirror off the wall, removed the toothbrush mug from the glass shelf and hey presto, one cupboard on the wall.  Mirror back up on the wall... then I'm not sure what happened but the glass shelf collapsed, the mirror fell off, made a nice dent in the loo seat, shattered into many pieces and the toothbrush mug also shattered.

Ho hum, resigned to my bad luck I started to clean up and phut, drrrrrr, pop, funny smell of burning and one dead Dyson stood forlornly on the bathroom floor. Sigh.  I hope that counts as three bad things.

I do have one small tah-dah moment though ... hot off the sewing machine yesterday just seconds before big sis came through the door, one homemade gift to go with my birthday purchases from Finland for her..

I wasn't allowed to take any close ups or any of her face because she said she had .... very dirty hair!  

So, I have 3 days to buy a new vacuum cleaner, sort the bathroom out and gather something together to occupy me on the long flight to Rio.  Ash - yes, travelling and seeing new places, different cultures, nice people - all very lovely but completely and utterly exhausting.  I'm getting too old for this game! 

Note to self: put more than one lucky dip on the lottery this weekend.


  1. Crikey, Lady, you don't do things by halves, do you??!!Sounds like all that glass blew the motor on your Dyson!!
    Love the apron - really pretty colours.
    Forget about the vacuum and bathroom until you get back. Go and buy yourself some really lovely wool in your favourite colour - there's loads of new stuff on the shelves right now - and it just might give you some inspiration.
    Have Fun My Friend. x

  2. sounds like your well deserving of the break , am sure it will do you good to get away x

  3. Oh blimey! I reckon you had all your bad luck in one sitting, so the next seven years should be fandabedozee!
    May I recommend a Henry or indeed a hoover like what I have got, a Hettie, with eyelashes and everyfink. I lover her and I've never looked back.
    Nice pinny by the way and I never did get the sewing machine out of the garage...

  4. Oh dear, onwards and upwards! It sounds to me like the drive belt in your dyson might have gone - it's just a thick rubber band and everytime my hoover sucks up something it doesn't like it snaps and smells like burnt rubber. The good news is this only costs about £2 to replace if you buy a new belt off ebay :) x


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