Saturday, 11 September 2010

The lady in the shop made me...

Well who doesn't like a compliment?  And it's sometimes even better when it is from a stranger out of the blue.  I got up quite early this morning as I was itching to finish off my lovely Debbie Bliss silk scarf that I've been crocheting on and off for a little while now.  So after making another pan of soup for poorly son number three I got out the ribbon box (well, one of them - a lovely tea chest that my team gave me as a leaving gift when I moved back here from North Carolina) and the beads (well, some of the beads ..... yes, yes, Sis, I know, I could start a shop!) Oh what a heavenly way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

So pretty!

Now the beads have not been out to play for some time and I must admit to a little fluttering in my tummy at the site of the little jewels sitting there looking so very pretty.

Glasses on and a tiny amount of muttering and yes, a little cursing whilst threading the needle - such tiny eyes and hey presto, a new accessory for me!

Ribbons and beads - so, so pretty and as it's 100% silk it feels gorgeous!

I had to wear it straight away of course so having been alerted by big Sis that the latest Country Living was in I hightailed it down to her shop to purchase the aforementioned and then nipped into York to complete the birthday purchases for said big Sis.  One cannot go to York without a little visit to the wool shop (or 'The Mother Ship' as my youngest son likes to call it).  The very, very nice lady admired my scarf greatly so it would have been rude of me not to have reciprocated her kindness with a little spend.....

Not only a lovely new book but also some lovely new yarn to go with it.  It's Louisa Harding - 50% wool, 50% silk - scrumptious loveleeeeee!  Well, it is only 15 weeks until Christmas so I have to start getting organised (that was my justification anyway).  I'm rather liking most of the projects...

Nice bags...

The young sisterhood girlies will like these hats...

and I'm rather loving this scarf

but not quite so sure about this look - perhaps one for the girls....

Don't tell anyone but I also went into Mother Ship Number 2 for a quick look (fabrics, beads, thread).  OK, I did buy a couple of fat quarters but I needed them, I really did.  

I did accomplish the mission - ie gifts for big Sis and my lovely friend in Philadelphia whom I'll be seeing very soon.  After all that shopping I needed to rest my weary feet so met a friend for lunch before hitting the supermarket.  Somebody scratched the back of my car in the car park but was decent enough to leave his number and an apology so something else to add to the 'to do' list next week but I was undaunted.  Upon my return I headed straight for the summer house with Country Living and a nice cup of tea.  

The sun shone, the birds sang at the top of their little lungs.  
What's the point of being annoyed?

To answer some of your comments (thank you so much, by the way), the young sisterhood - or sisterhood mark II meet whenever we can - sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. Same with the sisterhood mark I (better than the old sisterhood) - Anne and Jan are both teachers so term time is quite difficult for them and my Mum doesn't really like to venture out at night so in the Winter we try and meet on Sunday afternoons as often as we can.  When Adele joined us she had never done any crafting before - now she's making bags, revamping clothes - it's great!  The main thing is it's just a nice get together as and when we can manage it - sometimes very little knitting/crochet/sewing is done but there is always plenty of balm for the soul regardless (along with tea/cake/chocolate/wine - depending on the situation!)  The young girls are all friends of my middle son (he is quite worried about them and fears for their partying genes!)  So, all you girls out there who want to do something similar - get to it - there are hookers or potential hookers everywhere!  You just have to get the ball rolling!  Good luck.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Oooh, I'll have to have a look for that Louisa Harding book too! xx

  2. I totally love those gloves !, and the hats and the scarf and the bags, all of it really !

  3. Show Off!!lol - but seriously, Jules, thanks for the impetus to get my group started - have posted about it on my Book Group site so will let you know if there are any `takers`. I love your scarf and especially the colours - well done! I`m always telling people about because it`s full of free patterns - although books are nice to look at too of course!


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