Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A little reveal...

I made this cushion during my 'holiday's for my friend's daughter.  After seeing her Mum's notebook,

Anja was a little envious as she can never find anything with her name on it, not even in her native Sweden.  I couldn't ignore the appeal of a little girl now could I?  So I set to after a little late night inspiration but couldn't post about it until I have given it to her Mum.

All made from recycled materials - an old linen shirt of mine for the front,

a little girl's dress from the charity shop for the lettering and appliqued butterflies.

an old duck egg blue per una top for the back and a few more butterflies 
(light wasn't great so the colours aren't the best)

New zip and cushion pad though and hand stitched embellishments.  
Commissions taken if anyone is interested :)

I'm pleased to report that she was delighted with it... I almost wish my name was Anja so I could have kept it!  Viveka told me today that when she showed her little friends the cushion she said 'and she's not even a famous knitter or anything' - well, high praise indeed, ignoring the fact that it's not knitted :) 

I was thrilled that she was thrilled.  


  1. It's beautiful Jules! I love it. x

  2. That is ever so pretty. You definitely should take commissions.

    Emma :-)

  3. This is just beautiful, Jules! makes me want to do some sewing right now! Lots of love, Amanda xxx


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