Thursday, 9 September 2010

Life on the edge...

I have been gadding about a bit lately and neglecting my crafting somewhat.  However, there's only so much living on the edge an old gal can take so life on the edge for me is perhaps best measured in treble crochet.....

The granny stripe blanket is finished!  

Finished off with a round of treble clusters and then two rounds of single trebles.

I don't mind admitting that I absolutely love it (and a lot less finishing off work than a granny square blanket)!  I started out with mostly Sublime and debbie Bliss but the cost was rather prohibitive so I mixed in some cheaper yarns and was very happy with the result.  I'm running out of sofas/arms of chairs for all my blankets - next stop the bedrooms.

Now, where's that flimsy that's been patiently waiting to be transformed into an eiderdown?


  1. Oooh lovely!
    Fabulous colours hunny....
    it's always a lovely feeling when a project finally gets finished isn't it?

    Look forward to many more!
    Karen x x x

  2. Absolutely perfect! I love the colours and the neatness and regularity if the rows is so appealing to my mathematical nature!
    Heather x


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