Friday, 10 September 2010

That's another one hooked ....

And another little lamb joins the fold.  Rachel Number Two (or Gypsiee as she is affectionately known for reasons we had best not go into in the public domain) - already an aficionado of knitting from our Winter sisterhood meetings - has joined the crochet junkies!

Harriet is totally hooked, getting very adventurous to the point where I need to have a go at the pattern first to see if I can help her!  I must confess that I am not that good at following patterns (or recipes as H likes to call them) as Lynne will attest following my union jack tutorial debacle   I'm more of a visual/have a go learner but I'll have to get better otherwise the girls will be leaving me in the dust and we'll have to rename the granny square a 'girlie square'!

Much tea and chocolate required to aid the concentration (for the girls) - me, I needed a glass of wine as Rachel seemed intent on crocheting backwards for a while, bless.  She's got the hang of it now though and will have a blanket before long no doubt since she does have wool and 'sticks' at home for making her links and going down the rabbit hole with:) Don't ask!  Where there's a will there's a way x

 Harriet's also quiet smitten with patchworking - and look at this for her first attempt!

A very justifiably proud young lady!

Rachel Number 1 is now totally torn - she's got a granny square patchwork blanket on the go, is making a crochet cardi - her own design in single trebles but now she wants to make slippers, quilts, hats, ties, the list goes on - 
there'll be no stopping her.  If only there were more hours in the day!

Watch out ladies - the young competition is hot on our heels. 
The crafts will live on.  Yippeeeee!

Thank you to all you lovelies who have left me comments - I get a huge boost knowing you've stopped by and appreciate your every word.

It's raining, chilly, getting dark early ... 
that must mean it's soup weather - zippitydoodah - our favourite!


  1. It must be so nice to have people to craft with. I don't know anyone who knits or crochets.


    PS I'm a wing and a prayer type of crafter too :-)

  2. Looks like a nice little group you have there - very enthusiastic young `uns too - that`s great that they`re so keen. Keep up the good work. How often do you meet-up? Only asking because I`m thinking of starting up a group for the winter months.

  3. Oooh I wish I was close enough to join your sisterhood Jules, although seriously thinking of starting my own !

  4. Oh I wish I could join in ...looks great fun! i like your friends quilt..lovely colours.
    Crocheting is such good fun, glad you're enjoying it

    Happy hooking x x x
    Karen x x x

  5. Hello I have been stalking you on your blog for ages!! Love your summer house - I have been showing my other half the pics. We have a big shed that has potential and we have ( well me anyway) that he can two thirds of it and by installing a wooden wall I can access it from the other side and have a tiny little garden room on the other side with some nice glass doors - whcih we intend to find for nothing of course!! He is now all excited about doing it but where has the summer gone for those outdoory type of jobs? Anyway I live in Northallerton so am an NY girl too. I am determined to get to Made and Found's shop next week as we are off work. I envy you girls so much having your crafty get togethers. I know noone like me apart from on the blogs who wants to learn stuff and above all crochet. I even thought about putting an ad in the local supermarkets!! Asking for like minded people to get together!! I too want to be a hooker!


Thanks - I love to read your comments x