Saturday, 18 September 2010

It's coming on

The girls are making great progress and are very happy with their new found talents.  Harriet is whizzing along learning new things having mastered the art of reading patterns and is now experimenting with different patterns for a patchwork crochet blanket.

Here's one I made earlier - I call it strawberries and cream - which I had to make so I could show Miss H, and then Miss H's version in black and white (when choosing her colours Rachel II (or Maggie as she will henceforth be called as this is her work badge name ... don't ask) promptly burst into song ala Michael Jackson).  I'm telling you, we all need a girlie sisterhood in our lives - the entertainment value is well worth the investment!  

The joy on Miss H's face as she masters another new pattern is wonderful.  She's a natural.

Miss Rachel's cardigan is coming along very nicely - even after pulling the first attempt for the back down as it was a tad too narrow.  We're rather liking the wibbly-wobbly effect on the edge and think it should be a design feature for the edges of the fronts.

Miss Maggie's square is coming along too although I had to pull back the green round as she is having problems with the 'slip-sloshing' along to the corner for each new round so the corners weren't really on the corner but she should have it now.  Her technique is interesting - more like knitting with one 'stick' but it's working for her so that's all that matters I suppose.

Love the colour mix.

It's been a rather quiet week on the crafting front for me - at least in crochet land.  I have done some sewing - patchwork cushions for Anne's shop  but free evening time has been at a premium.  I did manage to finish the very quick and easy scarf for the breast cancer fund raiser being promoted by Ramshamble's.  One of the young girls who works there has started a Knit The York Walls fundraiser, aiming to collect enough scarves to stretch round the length of the York walls.  I was busy buying the lovely Louisa Harding wool when a little old lady came in to buy wool for said fundraiser so I thought I'd join in.  It was a quick project and quite nice to do a bit of knitting for a change although the tennis elbow didn't agree.  All the scarves will be auctioned off to raise more money so I hope someone likes mine:

If you would like to join in you can find the details here.

That's all from me for a little while.  I'm off on my travels again for a couple of weeks so it's time to decide what to take with me for the journey.  Decisions, decisions but it has to be small and portable...

Have a great weekend.  
The sun is shining here for a change so I hope it is too wherever you are.
See you soon.


  1. Hi Jules, your sisterhood has really inspired me and I am to start my own in October, a real mix of school mums, older neighbours and friends daughters..

  2. TAKE ME! I`m small and portable - though not a great flyer but I`d manage somehow!lol
    Great to see everyone`s progress and loving the colour schemes. Well done Everyone.:)
    I don`t need to start my own `sisterhood` - my sister has found us a local one we can go to once a fortnight so I`m going along on Tuesday to check it out.
    Have a great weekend Jules.

  3. Hi Jules
    You are working wonders on those lovely ladies of the sisterhood! Loving the pink scarf and after checking out the website I was stumped...I have wool, I have needles but im rubbish at knitting! will go and give it a shot though eeek!
    take care on your journeys
    Deb x

  4. What a creative bunch you are - and what a great idea.
    Enjoy your holli - I am neither small nor portable, so shan't ask you to take me with you!


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