Monday, 2 May 2011

Loving family support...

I have been busy with my rotary cutter and machine (don't tell my physio), chopping up little girls dresses from the car boot sales and old shirts, adding a bit of new here and there.  My living room floor is covered in scrappy nine patches, this body hasn't eaten a proper meal in days (cheese and crackers have been the order of the day and night) and I haven't seen much of youngest son.  So, upon his return last night there was no 'hello Mum, how are you' just two comments - 'you're up late' as he hung up the car keys followed by 'more quilts!' as he entered the living room.

The sun is shining again - miracle of miracles and the wind has dropped a little so I might have to retire to the garden with some crochet and top up on vitamin D.

Pictures will follow shortly as believe it or not, the eiderdown quilt is actually Finished!  My mother did remark that there were a few loose ends (the knots I had used to tie each corner to the quilt inside).  Sigh.....

Happy crafting all and Happy May Day!


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