Saturday, 14 May 2011

www part 3

I write this post a tad gritty-eyed and with a slight headache - that's what happens when you stay up far too late chatting to a brother you haven't seen in a very long while.  I am too old a) to drink more than 3 glasses of wine and not feel the affects and b) stay up past 2 am, especially after consuming more than 3 glasses of said wine.  When are you ever old enough to know better????

OK, so, as we leave the Ws with a nice shot of the view down Romsey road, heading for Winchester High Street...

I promised to show you a few of my purchases:  some lovely new oil cloth from C&H Fabrics and a coupe of Orla Kiely mugs (neither of which purchases I needed but I felt as though I was on a mini holiday and couldn't help myself)

and of course some fabric.... what can I say?  It's an illness...

I bought a little bag of sample scraps from Susie Watson too and I made this out of them:

I can't afford £29.50 per metre fabric so this was a little taste of Susie on a shoestring.

It's been a busy work week - what a shock to have to work five days in a row!  My week was interrupted by a trip to  the hospital for cortisone injections in my knees so when the doctor told me I should do nothing for the rest of the day ... well, I can never 'do nothing' so I took the opportunity to bind this quilt with some red gingham bias binding.  I'm so happy with the way this quilt has turned out - fresh and cheerful.

Wish I was feeling as fresh but am at least cheerful!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Finland beckons for me next week so that concludes the WWW posts: Wedding, Winchester and lots of wishing and waiting.



  1. Oh wow Jules I love the mugs and the fabric stash! I didnt know susie watson did fabric :O The cushion and quilt you made are gorgeous... Hope the headache clears and you are enjoying a lovely weekend in your part of the world.xx

  2. Never mind cortisone in the knees - mine`s could do with botox!Eek!FABULOUS cushion, FANTASTIC quilt. Plenty of time to know better when you`re in your box, Jules...or in my future case a wicker one!!Have a lovely Sunday. x


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